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5 Reasons Why You Need To Care About Site Speed

site speedYou work your butt off hammering out content on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis.

You tweet, you post, you share, you submit your posts to social bookmarking sites… you beg and plead for people to open up your well-thought-out headlines. (Pimping yourself out every single way you know how).

And here you are. Stuck.

It’s like no matter how hard you try, you are at this seemingly insurmountable plateau. Your visitors per day have either stayed the same or dropped off, you can’t pay anyone to join your email list, and your sales? Well, it’s obvious what’s happened to them.

And you are left scratching your head with one hand, large glass of wine in the other like WTF happened? (Don’t worry it happens to the best of us).

And instead of second guessing your entire marketing strategy and thinking that your content suddenly sucks, maybe you should consider that your site is just working too damn slow?

And you need to put her chunky butt on a serious diet.

Believe it or not, site speed isn’t just about page load time. It doesn’t just affect how long someone will have to wait for your site to load. (Well it does but the impact has greater implications).

Site speed affects some pretty heavy hitting factors like search rank, bounce rate, pageviews, reader experience, conversions, and your revenue. (You could be leaving some serious money on the table bc your site is dragging ass).

*sees ears perking up now that I mention money*

You can relate to that, understand that you are losing money. That is important to every business. Actually it’s what makes a business a freaking business.


Search rankings

Google has let us know that site speed plays a part in their search algorithm.  If your page load time is slower, then over time you will rank lower.

This is highly because of user experience. Remember that Google’s job is to provide its searchers with the best possible search experience (how they stay on top of their game). So if they see a sight that is performing poorly, they are less likely to rank it very high.


Pageviews will drop, meaning you will lose visitors on your site quicker if your pages are loading slowly. We are an impatient bunch. Even half a second can make a dramatic difference.


The slower your site, the less it will convert. When you have the right landing page elements in place (this includes quick load time), your conversions will be much better and you will see better results.


Along with conversions comes revenue. If your landing pages don’t convert then you won’t get as many leads. If your pageviews drop then people aren’t staying on your site long enough to even read your services, because it’s too damn difficult to get to.

Your revenue is directly tied to your site speed. A one second delay can cost you 7% of your sales! So if you are making 50,000 a year from your site, then you are leaving $3,500 on the table each year! (That stat is brought to you by Strangeloop)

Reader or user experience

I already shared with you how Google feels about user experience. The bottom line is, slow site means less pageviews, higher bounce rate, lower conversions, and less return visitors.

If a user finds it difficult to navigate around your site, or they have to wait (even a half a second longer), then you lose them. And the potential revenue from that user, and the potential word of mouth, and the potential shares, and the potential to create a brand ambassador-the list goes on.

Get obsessed.

If you have never considered how site speed is affecting your outcomes, now is the time. You need to either study it and learn it yourself (the long way), or you need to hire someone to do it for you. Because who has $3,500 to throw away each year.

And for what? 1 second?

Stay tuned for more upcoming articles on site speed. (I’m obsessed). And also worksheets, printables, and the save my site $3,500 a year essentials you will need to gain back your competitive advantage! Sign up below so you don’t miss a thing!


  • Churchill Madyavanhu

    Site speed is terribly important. We should all know that from experience. 🙂 I personally don’t wait for slow pages to load. I am actually considering moving my blog from Drupal to WordPress because I have a feeling my site will load faster.

    I wouldn’t say I am leaving money on the table at the moment, but I hope one day it will start trickling in and I will be in a position to collect 100% thanks to your advice. 🙂

    I read somewhere that Google does not give too much weight to bounce rate as a ranking factor. Any idea if that’s a fact?

    • Angie M Jordan


      You know what? As a whole, site speed in general does not play a huge part in Google’s algorithm. I think it’s somewhere like 1%. The part with the bounce rate is that it means you are not converting, people are not interacting with your site, and if people are hopping off quickly, then it’s bad for you. It’s not a huge factor in your rankings. But I think overtime a site with low pageviews and high bounce rate will rank lower. (that part was kinda just my opinion) But like I said you are looking at a very small percentage of how your site is ranked. It’s not something that I would focus on, because it’s a symptom of something else going on like slow site (which I would pay attention too) or people are not finding your content relevant to what they are searching for (another problem I’d worry about).

      Hope that helps


    • Angie M Jordan

      Sharon I read somewhere (as I was researching) that Amazon is obsessed with site speed because even a half second slower page load time for them loses them millions! I was floored. We all work so hard to create content and it would be a real shame if something like site speed was causing us to miss out on reaping the benefits of our hard work. I will definitely keep you posted!

  • Carla J Gardiner

    You are so right, Angie when you say *sees ears perking up now that I mention money*. That is why we are all here, online building our businesses, to make money. I’m looking forward to what’s up your sleeve and the information about speeding up our websites for more profits and search-ability by Google

    • Angie M Jordan

      haha! It’s so true Carla, let’s just admit it… we want to make some dough. (and not the kind with the chocolate chips). I will be sure to keep you up to speed (hehe) about this topic, it’s a good one, but it get’s soooooo deep. It will take a while to get through all this information! Thanks for blessing my blog with your wonderful presence!! Have a fiery day 😉



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