Hey what’s up guys. Angie here. And I’m on a mission to take you from Stuck To Happy AF…

Back in 2017 I was stuck.

From the outside looking in, everything was great. I had a job where I was making 6 figures working in the greatest city in the world- New York (not up for debate) I was a single mother living in a rich suburb in New Jersey, sending my child to the best school, I had a loving partner, and a great support system of family and friends.

What else could a girl want… right?

How about purpose? How about passion? How about doing something for a living that lit my soul on fire ?(yes, that is actually meant for you to do)

I was happy, but something was missing. Something wasn’t right. By every standard that I ever judged a person who was Happy AF, I should have been. I had made it.

December 2017

I will always remember this month. This was the month after I quit the 6 figure job. This is 2 months after I ended the relationship with the loving partner. This is the month I spent alone and depressed..

Forced to take a hard look in the mirror at the life I had created.

I realized that every December was always the same. I sat, took inventory of what happened in the year, how much I grew, what goals I accomplished, how I progressed over that year… in a moment I realized what so many people are afraid to admit-

Nothing Changed.

Year after year of resolutions and failed business attempts, attempts in “personal development”, always striving to do better, to be better… and yet there I sat- same as f*ck.

So I decided.

I decided that 2018 was not going to be the same for me. In December of 2018 I would not be the same person I was in January 2018. I committed to that. I committed to change, to growth, to getting Happy AF

And that is EXACTLY what I did.

And somehow along the way, I uncovered my true purpose- which brings us back to here. Back to what this is really about….


About how I was put on this earth to facilitate growth and change in other women like I created it for myself.

About how I use what I learned through coaching and my own journey to create a life that I can’t shut up about, a life where I am Happy AF, a life full of purpose, passion, true love, and abundance to help other women create the same in their lives?

Are You Ready To Get Happy AF?

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