Meet Ang

 “Life Is One Long Treadmill.  Just Try Not To Spill The Wine While You Run”   – Me, Naturally ;-)

angie m jordan

The Girl Behind The Madness

Most days I am a nice girl.  A little bossy, but I am a boss, and always a good time.  I LOVE pink, wine, puppies, and laying by the beach with a good book, good music, and a cold beer.  And beer just isn’t the same without good friends is it?  Grab one, join me!

What I call myself: 

Copywriter, Writer, Social Media-oholic, Internet Marketer, SEO Ninja (although it’s cheesy and I probably shouldn’t call myself that, I somehow can’t resist), Money-Maker, Behind the scenes biz builder.  Oh, and my street name is A Jo… (hehe)

What I don’t call myself: 

Guru, expert, professional, boring, religious, the one and only, know-it-all… because I hate tradition.  And I don’t know everything.  And what is an expert or guru anyway?  Google has leveled the playing field.  We can all be experts.

“Nothing Is Impossible.  The Word Itself Says I’m-Possible” -Audrey Hepburn 

  Here’s Why You Are Here

You’re passionate and you love what you do.  You’ve got something going on (blog, biz, etc.)  And you are desperate to learn how to grow it.  You even are crazy enough to think that you can do it!

And by do it, I mean you want to live your dream.  You want your blog and biz to make you money, give you freedom, and allow you to follow your passion.

A Match Made In Heaven (aka The Internet)

You want it, and I am here to give it to you- Knowledge of course!

If you want to learn A LOT, have fun, and work with a down to earth person, then you are in the right place.  It’s simple, you want to get more traffic, grow your audience, fatten your wallet- let’s do it. I’ll teach you exactly how I went from blogging for a hobby to blogging full-time and supporting myself and my daughter from it.

I also provide an amazing creative copywriting service for those of you who do not have the time, know-how, or objectivity to do it yourself.


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25 Things That ONLY My Mother Knows About Me (And Now You Do):

  1. I cry during movies, and sometimes commercials 
  2. I love Football, Geaux Saints!
  3.  I love New Orleans, Louisiana Best.City.Ever.
  4. I can be a real bitch (trust me, no one knows this more than my mother)
  5. Mardi Gras is my favorite holiday next to Christmas oh and my bday( Nov. 29th is a holiday btw)
  6. I’m a Sagittarius #teamsag!! And very proud
  7. I have a small tattoo behind my right ear of my zodiac sign
  8. I’m addicted to chocolate more specifically GODIVA
  9. I have a degree in apparel design and design is my first love
  10. I am scared to death of marriage!!  But am open to it anyway
  11. I played volleyball at LSU and no, I’m not tall, I’m only 5’7ish
  12. I was born in Panama, Central America
  13. I’m a great mother to a 9yr old daughter and 4yr old pup (yes single)
  14. My best friend is my sister WARNING: when we are together it’s insane.  Ask anyone, you’ll need to be prepared for crazy! 
  15. I want to be skinny, but I love to eat too much, and I love beer
  16. I cleanse (juice cleanse) at least twice a year
  17. I love to read and to write, although I burned my last journal last year- it was one big pity party
  18. My first broken heart was just last year… My bf was secretly living with another woman while we were together-don’t ask. 
  19. I only drink coffee, water, wine, beer, and diet coke… mostly water and wine
  20. I am in love with my hair and want to look like Alanis Morisette in her “Thank You” video… go check it out. lol
  21. I want a boob job (wait, idk if mom knows that)
  22. My first blog was called Maneaters… I’ve been accused of being one
  23. I got my first gray hair right before I turned 30-I cried
  24. I have the BEST stories! They all require wine, but if you only knew… 
  25. I wrote a book once 


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