Monday Morning Coffee: Is This Supposed To Hurt?

I’ve been told that not everything in life can ALWAYS be fun.

My response: Why the fuck not?

Why should I be miserable, stuck in a job I hate, taking things “seriously”, and waiting for the weekends to be able to kick back, relax, and enjoy my family.


We are surrounded by jerks everyday that tell us that “nothing worth while is easy”, “dreams don’t work unless you do”, “no pain no gain”… the list goes on.

I want to drop kick these people in the face. HARD. [Read more…]

Building Your Blog, Business, And Reputation One “Thank You” At A Time

If you want to know the BIG secret to building your blog or your business, I’ll tell you. Because it’s not nearly as big as when Milli Vanilli kept a secret that they weren’t really singing shit. Or how they lost their Grammy when everyone found out. (No this is not that kind of secret. And apparently they kind of sucked at keeping them).

That was a serious secret. And I wouldn’t have touched that one.

So maybe I lied a little. (oops) There is no BIG secret to building your blog or your business. It’s more like an easy thing you should be doing everyday but get so caught up in the BIGGER picture you forget. (Like the time you forgot to take the sticker off that new shirt and walked around all day with everyone knowing you were not only wearing a brand new shirt, but that you were a size XL)

It’s quite simple really.

And it starts with one simple THANK YOU. [Read more…]

Why Blogging Is EVERYTHING

I was 25.

I hated my life. I felt like I was the one person on the planet that was good at a lot of things, but not great at anything.

I felt like I was wasting my talents, whatever they were. Because my god, I had to be worth more than peddling Coach purses in the mall day in and day out.

I felt like my genius escaped me. Whatever that was.

I come from a nice family. No horror stories here, no super-poor, super-sad upbringing. Just good, decent parents. Both working decent jobs making decent livings. Enough to supply me and my siblings with everything we ever wanted and needed.

And that’s all my parents have ever wanted for me.

No one ever asked me to be great.

No one ever said that going to school, getting a degree, getting married, and settling down with a nice man was not good enough. <- I said that.

Somewhere along the road I decided that I needed to be GREAT. I needed to be exactly what I wanted to be. I needed to succeed in a way that I had seen no one before.

You see, growing up all I have ever seen were people who hated what they did. They worked to make money, and that was it. They LIVED for the weekends, vacations, and holidays. [Read more…]

I Fucking HATE Everything I Write

You’ve said it.

You know that feeling, (No, not the one that requires sexual healing), the one where every time you sit down to write you absolutely HATE EVERY FUCKING THING you write down. And that’s putting it mildly.

It happens to everyone. It’s why people go months without writing on their blog, it’s why people don’t update their Facebook more than once a day… after a while of constantly putting out on endless stream of content you just run out of interesting shit to say. Happens to the greatest, no one is immune.

But the problem is this: YOU CANNOT STOP.

You have to put out content, a shitload of it, in order to keep your business running. And for fuck’s sake, at least 20% should be somewhat interesting to someone out there (even if it isn’t to you). 

[Read more…]

Why I Gave Up Hard Liquor, Blogging, And Life Lessons Only You Can Learn Yourself

I gave up hard liquor.  (And other things non-related to alcohol or my success).

September. 2012. Me, a park bench, and the pavement. As I sit there spewing up on my feet (yes my own feet, both of them), I thought, no VOWED, to myself: I WILL NEVER DRINK AGAIN, just like any good drunk would.

The 2 buzz balls, 5 shots of Patron, and 2 Cranberry and Vodka’s that I had drunk earlier burned my throat as it came out… and onto my feet (did I mention it was in the middle of a crowded Downtown Baton Rouge?)  Yes, these drinks made me their bitch. And I was completely at their mercy (and believe me, Patron was not feeling too merciful that night).

I woke up not knowing where I was, with missing pants, NO clue how I had gotten into bed (and even worse where my pants had gone), and a RAGING hangover that lasted for 3 days. [Read more…]