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How To Be A Better Blogger In 5 Minutes Or Less

beach virgin pageI was going to title this post How Quick Draw McGraw Can Teach You To Be a Better Blogger.

Then I realized I don’t really know much about Quick Draw McGraw, and that since I know nothing about him I can’t possibly justify making him the subject of my post claiming to help you be a better blogger.

So I scratched it and decided to loose the what I thought was a witty headline, and just give it to you straight from the hip (because everything is better coming from the hip).

And make you a HUGE promise that I can make you a better blogger in 5 minutes or less.

Really I can.

Because once you get done reading this post… you will be.


5 Minutes And Counting…

Here’s what I learned that made me a better blogger. (one who actually makes money blogging too). And it takes less than five minutes.

Take 5 minutes to plan before you write a blog post.

Slow down.  And I don’t just mean plan what you are going to write. I mean plan how you are going to market it and when.


Marketing your posts is just as important as the blog post itself. You can have the greatest content on the face of this PLANET and it will do you not one bit of good if no one knows it exists.


What does a plan consist of?

Who, what, when, where, how, and how much.

Who are you marketing it to? It’s time to get clever. Think about who needs to see what you have shared. Think about who uses your products or services.

What are you marketing exactly? I know it’s a blog post, but what are you trying to get across? Maybe it’s a funnel to get more eyes on your new product, or maybe it’s a way to attract more email subscribers. Think about this before you just fling your content out into the blogosphere.

When are you publishing? When are you marketing? If you are using Twitter for your marketing, then what times will you post? (You can look up the best times to post on social networks if you don’t already know).

Where will you focus your efforts? Social media is a great place to start, but what about other blogs, forums, etc? This will depend on your audience, but it’s good to think outside of the box. Don’t do what you think everyone else is doing, marketing is about being daring. Don’t be afraid to take risks. And don’t be afraid to use fb ads!

How and how much will you do it? This is the logistics side. Are you going to post to Twitter? Is your assistant? Is there a follow up to see if goals were met, if your marketing efforts worked?


And now you know how to be a better blogger. BAM. Done and Done. (And yes I did just “BAM” your ass. Deal with it).

Now for more tips on how to be a better blogger, person, etc…. Please “invite me in” (looky another True Blood reference!). Basically, alls you gotta do is sign up below. Takes 2 seconds, and I’ll see YOU on the inside.

Keep on rockin hot stuff 😉


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