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How To Be Better Than Your Competition

be better than your competitionHere’s the truth: it’s not all that hard to be better than your competition.

Because people are lazy. And business is a grueling battle where only the strongest survive. (Or the ones who actual work harder and smarter).

Although working hard is a great way to get ahead, it’s not enough. You have to also be smart. That means you have to set up your biz in a smart way, create smart content, market smarter, and solve problems that will actually help people. (So much so they will actually want to pay you for it).

Be intentional

It’s not enough to slap together a blog and pump out tons of mediocre content and hope for the best. The best blogs, and the best businesses are intentional. Every piece of content means something and serves a purpose much greater than just another blog post to add to the pile.

In other words if you read somewhere that you need to pump out a blog post a day to compete, and that’s why you are pumping out loads of words a week, then most likely you are doing it wrong.

To be better than your competition you have to think more than that. Here are some ideas about creating content that is intentional. (Yes, click that link to read).

You should also be intentional about where you want your blog and business to go. Writing a blog business plan is a good idea to help you stay the course.


It’s not enough to read an article here and there. You have to study a subject. If you want to become an authority, you have study a topic until mastery.

Mastery means a lot of practice, a lot of information, and a strong grasp on the subject. Strong enough that you could teach it. Too many bloggers are selling opinions and pushing meaningless info.

Learn it. Master it. Teach it. You’ll be better than your competition. By far.

Work Bitch

Yes, like Britney Spear’s new song. You have to work bitch. Bottom line, you can always out-work your competition. And the choice is completely up to you. You either put it in, or you be lazy. When you are lazy, you won’t beat anyone. You will never make it. You will always get mediocre results.

You will never see results if you don’t put in the work. And good news is, you can always separate yourself from your competition by working hard.

Solve Problems

You should be solving problems with your content, your products, and your services. When you solve problems, you are adding loads of value to your blog and value equals return visitors, more email subscribers, and ultimately more money from your blog.


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  • Amiti

    Hi Angie,

    I agree with you in regards to all of the tips, although I do think that being intentional and studying really depend on what type of blog it is (humor/satire).

    I know that on our blog we need to better utilize these tips.

  • Susan Velez

    Hi Angie,

    Love your tips and I totally agree with you. Most people who put up a blog are lazy. They don’t realize that it is a lot of work.

    So just by working hard you should be able to beat out your competition.

    I also agree with you saying that you always having to be willing to learn. Things change so quickly…if you want to keep pumping out great content you have to keep your head in the game.

    Awesome tips…thanks for sharing. I hope you have a wonderful day.

  • Jimmy the chin

    I do like your posts. Touch of potty mouth makes the read so much more enjoyable and realistic. My kinda girl 🙂

    I think your bang on the money with knowing your shit!

    It can be a dead give away to the reader if you haven’t studied the subject your blogging about.

    Ps- I wang to say a massive thanks to you for your posts. My latest post has been read quite well and shared on twitter and your one of the bloggers I study to better myself, so a BIG thanks to you. 🙂

  • Greedy girls guide

    Great post I have to work at being intentional. I’m revamping my health and fitness blog and looking at some of the older content I see I was doing exactly what you said slapping a blog together. Now I have a focus some key areas I want to cover this confirms I’m on the right track. Thanks

  • Primcharls

    Great article! I loved the ingsiht and the advice given . Plus, your blogging style is very fun to read. If you have enough time kindly browse my brand new blog and let me know what you think.

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