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Your Blog Content MUST Be Brilliant!

I really wanted to interject an expletive into that title… really, really bad.  But I aired on the side of caution(and boring-ness) instead.  Let’s face it, these days to stand out on the internet you have to do something special.  You have to be great at writing headlines, networking, creating blog content that incites reactions, and creating calls of action that convert.

Above all, your blog content MUST be freaking brilliant.

How To Make Your Blog Content Brilliant

So now that you know that your blog content must be brilliant, I’ll tell you how to do just that.  Below are a couple of ideas to help you out with creating your content.

Write What You Know

I don’t know how many times I tell this to people.  It doesn’t have to be that hard.  You don’t have to be the first to write about something, or try to come up with something entirely new for your content to be brilliant.  You simply have to write what you know.

What you may not realize is, because you are unique, and your experiences are unique, what you write will be unique if you stay true to who you are and your experiences.  No one can be you except you.  So technically you will be the first to write about it and it will be new… chew on that.

Just like in dating(excuse the reference I was once a dating blogger ) confidence can lend to your brilliance in a major way.  When you write what you know, you will be more confident and that will show through to your readers.

Write What Your Audience Needs To Know

Knowing your audience and your industry is always a plus.  This way you can deliver what it is that your audience is wanting and needing.  Remember that good content is about adding value to your readers, not talking about yourself or your business, or what you can do. Focus on giving to them.

Do Your Research

Don’t forget that you have to marry your passion with facts and some writing savvy.  You need to write blog posts that are search engine friendly, find great keywords, format your content for maximum readability, and so on.  Part of brilliant content is not just what you say, but how you present it… come on, you know this, it is marketing 101 right?

Never Write Something If It Is Not Worthy Of Sharing

No one wants to read mediocre crap.  There is too much information, too little time, and too little tolerance to take the time reading content that is boring. If what you are writing is not injected with passion and packed with information your audience wants, then why bother?

You may get hits from formulating a good search engine friendly post, but what value is being found on the internet if you are not inspiring, teaching, and engaging your audience?

How To Know If Your Content Isn’t So Brilliant

Some people don’t know that their content sucks.  It’s like people who look in the mirror and think their outfit is cute… (yikes).  It reminds me of the show on TLC What Not To Wear.  They showcase the worst fashion offenders.  Many times they don’t know they are walking fashion blunders, or they think they are not capable or dressing better, or don’t have time, resources etc.

There could probably be a show What Not To Write.  And there would be content offenders who like these fashion offenders, are oblivious to their offense.  There are a couple of ways to tell if your content isn’t so brilliant and you are in fact a content offender.


It’s In The Numbers

You are guilty of mediocre blog content if your bounce rate is high, pageviews are low, or have a low number of shares or comments on any particular post.  This means that people are taking one look at your content and leaving.

That means that all that time you spent creating that content was well, a waste.  I know it sounds harsh, but it’s true.  The purpose of your content should be to get your audience to do something.  Even if that means clicking through to check out more content.

If you aren’t getting any comments, any email sign ups, or any social shares, you are not converting.  Remember that every piece of content should serve a purpose.


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