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What To Do After The Blog Honeymoon Is Over

blog honeymoonYou’ve said I do, you started a blog, you told every living being you thought cared, and you’ve blogged tirelessly all in hopes of seeing all your internet business dreams come true. 

And sure, you are further than you were when you started, but there comes a time when every blogger experiences a plateau. A moment when the newness, the excitement, the hopes for lightening fast growth melt away and you find yourself staring your computer thinking WTF?

You question why you started, you question why you can’t get over this hump, you question if you are crazy, you question EVERYTHING.

Been there?

Here’s what you need to know

you are not crazy

reaching this blogging plateau is completely normal

you started it for the right reasons (you just need to remember them)

and if you give up now, you will NEVER know


The honeymoon was great, but now…


You need to revisit your plan

Whether you had a formal plan written out, or just some scribbled ideas on paper, when you started you had some idea of where you wanted to go and how you wanted to go about getting there. (I can only hope). 

You must shift your focus

This is business. You have to treat it like one. And you know what’s good for business? Showing up everyday when you are supposed to, and growing your email subscriber list. 

If you are still thinking about how many people are reading your posts and how many Twitter followers you have then it’s time for you to do a little growing up and looking at the numbers that actually matter. 

Like conversion rates. 

Of those people who are reading your blog how many are signing up? How many are becoming new leads? How many are buying your products or contracting your services?

Those are the numbers that bring profit and results. 

Time to step up your game. 

You should do more of what’s working

This is a good time to evaluate what’s been working for you and what hasn’t. You also by now know what you really like to do, and what is more of a drain for you. You can do more of what is working, quit doing what isn’t. Time is your most precious commodity when running an online business.

It’s also a good idea to hire out things you don’t like to do. Spend the money, it’ll save you time (which is literally money) in the end and will keep your stress down. 

 Honeymoons don’t last forever, but persistence does pay off. 




    • Angie M Jordan

      Hey Bobbie,

      Where exactly are you wanting to be with your blog? And what have you done consistently on a daily basis to help you achieve that? There are the two questions you need to answer and reflect on. If you have exhausted everything that you could possibly do on a consistent basis and still nothing, then maybe you should consider hiring some help to guide you (I’d be happy to help) or thinking about who your audience really is. Maybe you need to re brand and re structure. Just a thought!


        • Angie M Jordan


          Most people who start blogs start off that way, they kinda jump in. That’s exactly what I did. And if you really like what you are doing, it’s only natural to want more. And that’s when you have to start organizing your ideas, thinking about your blog as a business, and getting together a plan. Please don’t hesitate to email me. Like ever. 😉



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