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The One Thing All Your Blog Posts Must Have

What’s the one thing that ALL the blog posts on your blog should have in common?

Answer: A PURPOSE.

Every time you sit down to create more content it should be serving a purpose.  I don’t mean just to inform your audience.  I mean, how is that blog post going to serve you and your blog or business?

Now it is true that your content should add value and engage your audience.  Because if you loose your readers… then you’ve got nothing.


3 Good Examples Of Purposes For Your Blog Posts

Building Your List

Building your email list is of utmost importance to your business. I won’t get into all of the reasons why you should focus on this in this post, but I will say that the more email subscribers you have, the higher your conversions will be.

Include a call to action at the bottom of your post.  Chances are, if someone has scrolled through to the bottom of your post, they like what you have to say.  It is the perfect time to ask them to join you on your email list.

Promoting Your Products

It’s okay to promote your products.

As a matter of fact, you should promote and market the shit out of what you are selling.  The problem is, when people hear the word “promote” and “market” they think cheesy, spammy, and annoyingly pushing sales tactics we’ve seen through the years.  Yes, that is promoting, but it’s all wrong.

You can promote your products and services without being cheesy.

For example: Let’s just say you have this great book about SEO that you are trying to sell.  It is perfectly okay to write a post about SEO for the purpose of trying to drive people to your site who are looking for SEO help and then offer them more info or even greater value by sharing your book with them at the end of your post.

Now that post is effective because you are drawing relevant traffic to your site, giving them info for free about what they are looking for, and then upping the anty by letting them know how they can learn more.

Directing Traffic

I’m a control freak so I like to do this one a lot! Every time I write a post I think about what action I want you to do next.  What content would be best for you to read after this.

I love to create content landing pages for this very reason.  Almost every post on my blog is tied to some content landing page.  Not only is this good for SEO but it is also helpful to you when you are trying to navigate my site.

It’s a step further than just slapping a “related post” plugin at the bottom of each page.

 Of course, these aren’t the only purposes for your blog posts, they can be whatever you want, just as long as you are thinking about how this post is fitting into your site and what purpose it is serving.

You can write posts that help you grow your social media presence, direct people to your affiliate partners, or just anything you want.  Key is, to decide, and then to measure it and see if you are getting the results you hope for!


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