The Art Of Staying True To Your Art

It was finally here. The day I had been waiting, stressing, sweating, talking about, dreading, losing sleep over for the past several months was finally here: I was moving.

Yep. I was packing my country-loving Louisiana ass up and heading to Jersey. I was trading in my camo and cowboy boots for leapord print EVERYTHING, Italians, and the Jersey Shore.  When you live where I did most of my life, people who moved away were always referred to as the ones who “got out”.

And I was making my escape.

I was living such a comfortable, simple, yet extraordinary life. I had built a copywriting business for myself which I ran poolside, usually with a beer in hand, and I didn’t know it then but I LOVED my life. I loved the ups and downs of business, I loved how every small victory called for the greatest of celebrations, how every single positive thing about my business delighted me to the very core. There is literally NOTHING in the entire world that could be so satisfying.

The first several months I was in Jersey it was great. I spent my nights in NYC, and my days in the house half sleeping, half writing, and no part building my business. 

The transition was harder than I thought it would be. I thought that everything would be great- that NYC would magically drop more opportunity on my doorstep, and that somehow moving to the Northeast would ensure my business success. *insert giggle at my foolish 30yr old self*

Opportunity did not drop on my doorstep. In fact, I don’t even think it passed through my neighborhood-at all.

I held on to the couple clients I had for a while, but for some reason all of the change and stress of moving myself and my 10 year old daughter across the country with one suitcase and no real plan seemed to stifle my creativity and ambition (shocker). I found myself, depressed, broke, and facing the awful reality of having to get a “real job”.

At the time I could not think of anything I would hate more. A real job meant death to me. And especially after I had “made it” as my own boss for so long. I was a failure.

Enter: The reason why I wrote this post and shared that story with you- I “lost” my art. 


I took the job. I dropped my clients. I closed my laptop. I made a choice for the right now. Because the job was easier than admitting that I let my business go. The job had a steady paycheck that was comfortable for me. The job put me in a social setting where I made friends easily and developed a network. I enjoyed the job.

But my art… 

went unnourished, unnoticed, undeveloped, untouched.  And when you have talent and a purpose, it always finds a way to creep back up and say “hey shithead, remember me?” when you least expect it.

The art of staying true to your art is this:

When you feel it pulling, when  life is trying to lead you down one path that looks quite amazing but you somehow feel like you should leave it all behind because down that unknown, unpaved road is someting quite brilliant and that something has to do with your art, when you hear it calling…


Because you can bullshit everyone else around you, but you can’t bullshit yourself. And eventually you realize that to be great you have to give up the good. And if you ever want to stop sailing through life set on mediocrity, you have to stay true to your art.

And now here I am, back to my art. And it feels fucking amazing.





Feeling Stuck? Here’s How You Can Get More Shit Done. (It’s Not What You Think)

You come home after a long day of work.

Tired, smelly, and can’t be fucked with anything other than getting in a hot shower and going straight to your bed for some much-needed rejuvenation.

It’s the ending to a long, but productive day, and all you want is to step into a steamy hot shower to relax, recap the day, and wash away the feeling of running around in the city all day. (NYC peeps you know what I’m talking about).

You take off your clothes, step into the piping hot water, dip your head under and let out a sigh of relief… then something happens…

You can feel the water slowly fading from piping hot to lukewarm… and then cold.


Unless you are trying to cool your jets from a hot and steamy moment, or are like my lame ex who only took lukewarm showers, then you can’t be bothered with the cold water that is pouring down from the shower head. And then you are left wondering, “how the fuck did this happen?” or better yet, “who used up all the hot water?”

If you lived in my house you would assume it was the kids, not just because it’s the general consensus when something goes wrong, broken, or missing in the house, but also because you stepped over the dirty clothes they left on the bathroom floor just moments before you got in the shower. (insert massive eye roll here).

But it’s not your kids fault, it’s just a principle that life will show you time and time again to be true:

When you spread something out too thin, it’s effect will lesson.

This is true for the hot water, and also for your great ideas. [Read more…]

Monday Morning Coffee: The Haves And The Have Nots

I live in one of the richest zip codes in America.

78% of the population here has a household income of more than 150k per year while only 9% of the total US population makes this much.

This folks, is the land of the “Haves”.

Million dollar homes are the norm, and the price of admission (meaning even owning a home in the zip code) is over half a million dollars. Living in the land of the “haves” now, as opposed to the “have-nots” I wonder a lot about what these people do differently.

So what makes these people different? Why are they  in the top 10% in the nation? More importantly, why are you not?

There is no “super gene” that these people have. We are all capable, all have the same opportunity. So why is it that some people are so successful while others seem to just struggle? [Read more…]

Choosing The Best Blogging Platform

This is a marriage. (But not the Hollywood sort.) Choosing the best blogging platform is one of the most important decisions you will make when starting a blog.

And choosing the best blogging platform is kind of like choosing a partner. (except you won’t have to do their dirty laundry).

The point is, this is serious, and if you want to run your blog like a business, or you are setting up a blog for your business, then you need a partner that will help you make more money.

That partner is WordPress. So get ready to fall in LOVE. [Read more…]