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The Most Brilliant Shit I Ever Wrote (abt life in business)

home page icon 2Whew… That was a big statement. Even to myself.

To have professed this to be the most brilliant shit I EVER wrote.

I may be over-exaggerating just a tad. (Although I’m pretty sure it’s the most profane)

I hung out with some brilliant chicks over the weekend. I mean, amazing, balls to the wall, take no prisoners type of women.

And we all had one thing in common- an undying want, no NEED, to be successful, to see our HUGE dreams come true. And you know what? They all will.

Because although we are ALL dreamers and big thinkers, we are a bunch of  HARD WORKERS. Actually we are hustlers. And that, my friends, is how you make shit happen. You work. Want to be a successful entrepreneur? Get to work, like now. (Well, after you read the rest of this post).

What You NEED To Know About Being Successful (The REAL, unfiltered, uncensored, and neatly bulleted version)

  • You must fucking work- this idea that if you believe it, you can achieve it is leading us all astray. Believe all you want, but if you don’t sit down and do the work… all the belief in the world won’t put money in the bank. (try it, if you don’t beleive me. let me know how much you make).
  • You must fucking write- content is everything. Especially if you are trying to grow a presence online. You have to share your ideas, your expertise, yourself… 
  • You must know when to bend over and let people who don’t like you know they can kiss your ass- (this is my PSA to those of you don’t like me but stalk me anyway and are reading this) Rather than stalk me and leave nasty comments on my blog and twitter, why not just kiss it instead? 
  • You must be social (and yes that means interacting with other people on and offline)- once again, it’s just one of those things if you want to generate a BIG social media following. I mean, how do you expect to do that if you aren’t social? Isn’t that the point? Let me know if I am missing something. I digress…
  • You must dream bigger than everyone else around you, then dream more!- Don’t waste your time dreaming about things you know you can do. Dream bigger! It should scare you a little. 
  • You must MASTER your craft- for every hour you spend promoting your craft you should spend 10hrs perfecting. Because the moment you start promoting it, people already think you are a master. 
  • You must be able to say no, and HELL NO!- learn how to say no to the good so that you can say YES to the great. 
  • You must be prepared for heartache, tough times, disappointments (aka grow some vagina, balls are weak by nature)
  • You must ACT- feel the fear, and DO IT anyway. 
  • You must self-motivate (and sometimes self-medicate)- coffee, wine, etc. Hey, girls gotta do… and yes, motivation is needed daily. 
  • You must take big huge risks without flenching- this shit takes courage. You have to think, “what’s the worse that can happen?” 
  • You must invest (yes this requires both time and money)- It’s time to stop fooling yourself. You can’t grow a business, or even a life, without investing in it. This means time and money.
  • You CANNOT do it alone-connecting with like-minded people, networking, and helping others is crucial to your success.

So there you have it. Was it my most brilliant work to date? Who knows. But it is what I needed to write, right now.  And now it’s your turn. It’s time to check yourself, if you really, really, want to be successful but aren’t quite there yet, are you working? Are you doing your part? Be brutally honest, because at the end of the day all we have is our results. Either you are producing what you want or you aren’t.

Now get to WORK.

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