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Building Your Blog, Business, And Reputation One “Thank You” At A Time

If you want to know the BIG secret to building your blog or your business, I’ll tell you. Because it’s not nearly as big as when Milli Vanilli kept a secret that they weren’t really singing shit. Or how they lost their Grammy when everyone found out. (No this is not that kind of secret. And apparently they kind of sucked at keeping them).

That was a serious secret. And I wouldn’t have touched that one.

So maybe I lied a little. (oops) There is no BIG secret to building your blog or your business. It’s more like an easy thing you should be doing everyday but get so caught up in the BIGGER picture you forget. (Like the time you forgot to take the sticker off that new shirt and walked around all day with everyone knowing you were not only wearing a brand new shirt, but that you were a size XL)

It’s quite simple really.

And it starts with one simple THANK YOU.

How You Build Your Blog And Business

1. Treat every single interaction like it means THE WORLD to your business- because it FUCKING does.

I’ve been doing this long enough to have experienced the humbling “I have no clients and no money oh shit what am I going to do” wake up call. And I went back to work. You know, at a real fucking job (ugh).

You wanna know why that happened to me and why it happens to so many entreprenuers, bloggers, and business owners?


We forget to say thank you.

We forget how we got that first client.

We forget how excited we were when we got that first comment on our blog.

We forget how grateful we were to people for even liking our status on Facebook.


That’s how you created success to begin with, and in order to continue to recreate success you will have to do those same things. You will actually have to interact with people like a human being. You will have to say thank you. You will have to actually be interested in someone other than yourself.

Β 2. Treat every single detail like it means THE WORLD to your business- because it FUCKING does.

I am a big believer that how you do one thing is how you do EVERYTHING. If you are lazy in one area, you will be lazy in all. If you procrastinate in your home life, you will procrastinate in your biz.

It matters if you have a broken link on your site.

It matters if you don’t go back and fix that typo.

It matters if you don’t have a contract.

It matters if your services page doesn’t have updated information.

It matters if you go weeks without saying SOMETHING on your blog or social media.

It matters if you don’t send out emails to your list.


And if you treat people, interactions, and details like they MATTER, you will build your blog and your business. If you are sloppy, careless, not responsive, and forget to say THANK YOU- you will fail. And it’ll be back to the 9-5 grind for you. (Trust me, I speak from experience).

Have you ever had that “oh shit” moment and had to scramble to find new clients or God forbid get a “real” job? Tell us about it in the comments below, and share what you learned from that experience!



  • nycole

    This was a great article.

    All the points mentioned in this article is accurate, interactions with ALL if not MOST of your subcribers and commenters is important. I am still building my blog and it has been a year now, I try not to expect so much in one year, but I really feel my content is good and I offer a unique twist to stand out from other blogs.

    When I received my first comments I replied to ALL and kept conversation going. while I am still putting in efforts to get more traffic on a daily basis, I really want to focus on INTERACTION. How can I get readers INVOLVED and to come back and engage in conversation about the topic and posts at hand? This is a question I ask myself everyday.

    And your post allowed me to think further and go more in depth with that.

    • Angie M Jordan

      Hi Nycole,

      I think 2 BIG things play a part in blog interaction.

      1. Consistency and Content: You have to be consistnent. Period. And your content has got to be poppin. Like, you can’t be borring, sound like everyone else, or say the same things as everyone else. And you have to show some realness, like bring a little bit of you into it. Let people know who they are interacting with. That helps.

      2. Use social media. It’s a GREAT tool to drive interaction both on those platforms and on your blog.

      3. (I can never say all I have to say in just 2 points) Don’t give up. Continue to treat every interaction as golden, make a list on twitter of people who interact with you and check in on them regularly, visit the blogs of people who comment on your blog and say hi πŸ™‚ don’t wait for people to come to you, make them notice you.

      And lastly, THANK YOU so much for reading, and leaving me this sweet little love note. Means so much to me really. πŸ™‚

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