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Building Your Online Presence Got You Down (stressed, overwhelmed, wanting to yell profanities at strangers)? Read This.

building your online presence

First off. Don’t yell profanities at strangers. It’s just not nice (and I’m a nice girl with nice girl friends, and since you’re reading my blog it’s safe to assume we’re friends).


Secondly, don’t stress about building your online presence. The wrinkles will NOT be worth it (speaking from the experience these crows feet have so graciously bestowed upon me).

Building your online presence is like anything in life, it’s not glamorous, requires work, and usually requires you to change (gasp).

But it’s worth it DAMMIT!

And sometimes putting your effort into something that’s actually worth it will payoff (unlike that night you spent out at the bar). And although you won’t build it in a day (or a week), it’s not rocket science. Anyone can do it.


Be a really, really, really good version of yourself

Not the version your family says you are (never pleasant). The version you’ve always known you could be. The chick you close your eyes and imagine you being. Yeah, be her.

The key to standing out online is not SEO, marketing, design, or any other BS you’ve been fed (I apologize for the BS feeders, they know not what the do). The key is to be yourself. But not the shitty version, you know the one who only gets shit done when it “feels” like it.

Don’t be her. God how I hate her. And I find myself bitch-slapping her from time to time. Because that’s what’s necessary… If I wanna be a BOSS (and trust me I do). And if you really want to you’ll do the same. (I’ll give some bitch-slapping lessons later but for now do what you know how).


Don’t become a social dimwit

When you start to build your online presence don’t forget that it’s not all that different from building an offline presence. This means that you are still talking to normal people, just like you, and that you don’t have to turn into a boring, “professional” robot that can only talk about your business and your industry, blah, blah..

It’s just one big friggin cocktail party…

Grant it, it is a big, huge, out of control party where there are people of every different race, culture, business background, age, and class. But same idea. People in business still want to be entertained, have real human interaction, and be talked to like they are real.

Let’s face it, no one is that interested in your business that they only want to hear you talk about it. (I’m snoozing already just thinking about it).

Building a reputation and presence on and offline is done by building relationships. Ever heard the saying, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”? (or did I just make that up?). Build relationships. Period.


Stop watching your numbers

5 solid relationships are more valuable than 20k Twitter followers. It’s not how many people “like” your Facebook page. It’s about how many people you can get to actually CARE. That’s where the real numbers are, in the people who care about your brand, who believe in what you say, who will talk about your brand and biz…

Create brand evangelists

In order to do this though you have to quit worrying about numbers. Β You have to shift your focus to relationships. The numbers will follow.


Blog like your life depended on it, then blog some more

The most important piece of social real estate you can own is a blog.Β It’s how you connect with people, its how you convey your message, and its how you sell shit!

And your content has to be amazing!

Meaning it has to be what they need to hear when they need to hear it. (Meaning also that you have to listen to your audience). And you have to write like you are talking to real people because you actually are. (Weird how that works huh?).

And let’s be honest, if your life really depended on it, then you would blog more than once or twice every other month. (Because then you’d likely be dead, and we can’t have any of that).


You have to share

Like for instance, if you like this post, then you should share it. Chances are, people who you are connected to will like it too. And they’ll appreciate you for sharing such amazing content with them. So do it.

Thank me later.


Still here? I thought you’d be off building your online presence by now! But since I still have your attention then you should sign up below to receive FREE updates and tips from me delivered weekly to your inbox. And just in case you are wondering, I like you just as much as you like me πŸ™‚



    • Angie M Jordan

      Yes it can be really hard. Sometimes you just have to sit down and WRITE. And it will not always be easy, sometimes it will feel like “work” lol

    • Angie M Jordan


      Lots of people struggle with the writing part. I’m going to give you one tip that I promise will help you-WRITE. Most people sit in front of a blank screen struggling to make blog posts perfect. I say screw it, set aside 30 minutes a day and just write. No editing, just writing.


  • Tina

    I like the Blog like your life depends on it…so I have a question (or 2). Is your blog the same as your website? (mine isn’t, because I have a shopping cart on my website but the blog doesn’t allow for that). Next, is there a way to “link” the blog to the site so google will know people are commenting on the blog? Third, which is more important: posting on facebook and getting comments or posting a blog and getting comments? Fourth, what about google+? Does google see the blog and the comments there? OK…enough questions for one day!! Thanks!

    • Angie M Jordan

      Hi Tina!

      Okay so I am going to do my best to answer your questions here. I can write a book on the questions you asked lol.

      Firstly, there are shopping carts you can ad on a blog. Not sure what platform you are using, but most of them will have a shopping cart application. But if you wanted two separate sites (blog and website) it’s very easy to link them.

      Secondly, a blog and a website can be one in the same these days. A traditional website has a set of static (meaning they never change) pages. Usually an about page, a services or products page, a home page, and a contact page.

      A blog is updated often, it’s dynamic. It’s a continual stream of info.

      The reason people blog?
      1. Search engines LOVE fresh content. The more activity you have going on, the more you update, the better your organic rankings will be.
      2. It’s a way to connect with your potential clients (like we are doing here). People like to buy from people they trust. Your blog can build trust and loyal customers. It also gives you a way to establish your credibility.

      Thirdly, A blog trumps social media any day. Why? because you do not own your followers on Twitter or your fans on Facebook. At any given time, Facebook can ban you, or shut down. Twitter can close your account. Don’t rely on these outlets to build your following. You should still use these, but if you had to choose, I’d go for the blog. Those social media outlets can help to drive people to your blog and your site which is what you ultimately want, because that is where you are making sales.

      Fourthly, Google+ is a huge information sharing network. If you have a blog, you should be on Google+. But if you don’t have a blog… and you are selling products to consumers and not businesses… I’d probably focus my energies on Facebook and Twitter.

      Hope these answers help! xoxo

  • Carla J Gardiner

    I like how comfortable you are in your skin…I’m working on letting the real Fiery Grandma out, more…I am building my online presence but don’t have my message or products ready to share…but, when I do…I’ll remember your wise words.

    • Angie M Jordan

      Thank you Carla! I am very comfortable in my skin-YEARS in the making trust me! If you continue to build your online presence and show your readers who you are (I think you do a great job of this btw) then when you are ready to introduce products your audience will love them, because they love you! xoxo

  • Roslyn Tanner Evans

    Looking forward to your answers to Tina’s questions because I too have a shopping cart & a blog. Soon it will all be integrated. I find it easiest to write blogs being myself, a chat over a cup of coffee. For me, it’s been harder to create actual content for my readers . I have asked in the past about topics they might be interested in & will do so again.

    What would YOU like to read about from a creator of beaded jewelry?

    • Angie M Jordan


      I am glad you asked me that! When you are selling a product it’s sometimes hard to create content that you think people would actually be interested in! Trust me, I know! Here’s where you’ve got to be creative. You have to think about what your audience likes (like in real life). Do they do arts and crafts? Do they like DIY projects? Are they into watching the cooking channel?

      Chances are if they like beaded jewelry they may be interested in tips about picking the right colors to wear for your skin type and other beauty tips. Or they may want to see some quick tutorials on how to make a simple pendant necklace.

      Maybe they also like photography. Including lots of photos on your blog would be a great idea!

      If you organize your content in this way, you will attract new visitors and you will also keep your existing ones entertained!

      Hope this helps!

  • Deborah

    Best post yet, Angie! It is so easy to get caught up in what you should or shouldn’t do, how good your SEO is, or how many followers you have. You can become almost paralysed trying to do what you’re supposed to rather than what comes naturally. I’m still getting to grips with my blogging ‘voice’ but the closer I get the easier it gets.

    Love your stuff. It feels really easy to connect with you because as Carla says, you’re so comfortable in your skin. You give me courage and that’s a really good thing.

    • Angie M Jordan

      Aww Thanks Deborah! That makes me smile! I still have moments where I get paralyzed by my overwhelming to do list. When you don’t know what else to do, just say hi. Hop on Twitter and start a conversation, write a blog post that’s really honest-when in doubt just be human lol.

      And as far as your “voice”, that’s just fancy talk for just being yourself. You should try writing like you are telling a story to one of your best friends.

      And I LOVE that you said I give you courage. Because it takes courage for me to open myself up online. Big thanks to you and Carla for making me smile today and giving me fuel to keep going! xoxo

  • Paul Gibson

    Building one’s online presence is usually very simple and not what many people assume. What one needs to understand is that the online world is on par with the real world and the only difference is that of the scope of your post(which is huge when it comes to online world).

    • Angie M Jordan

      Yes Paul! So true! It is surprising how many people think that building your online presence is some kind of mystery. It just consists of talking to people and networking online the same as you would do offline. πŸ™‚ Thanks for dropping by!

  • Delia

    Oh how I love the advice to stop watching your numbers and just do what you do, great stuff!

    I cannot tell you how many people out there trying to build their online presence are obsessed with numbers and forget to just enjoy what they do and write, the entire point of doing it in the first place πŸ˜‰

  • Robin

    Be a really, really, really good version of yourself… LOVE IT! That sums it up right there πŸ™‚ Reminds me of a quote someone said, “It’s dumb when people tell you to be yourself… They should tell you to be awesome… then once you’ve nailed being awesome… then be yourself” haha πŸ™‚

  • Sharon O'Day

    Ms. Angela does it again. She writes all those short little sentences, sneaks in different font sizes, all the while distracting you so you don’t notice that she just slipped in a major (business) life lesson. Wham! Fabulous content! And so necessary …

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