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    Monday Morning Coffee: The Haves And The Have Nots

    I live in one of the richest zip codes in America. 78% of the population here has a household income of more than 150k per year while only 9% of the total US population makes this much. This folks, is the land of the “Haves”. Million dollar homes are the norm, and the price of admission (meaning even owning a home in the zip code) is over half a million dollars. Living in the land of the “haves” now, as opposed to the “have-nots” I wonder a lot about what these people do differently. So what makes these people different? Why are they ┬áin the top 10% in the nation?…

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    Monday Morning Coffee: Is This Supposed To Hurt?

    I’ve been told that not everything in life can ALWAYS be fun. My response: Why the fuck not? Why should I be miserable, stuck in a job I hate, taking things “seriously”, and waiting for the weekends to be able to kick back, relax, and enjoy my family. FUCK THAT. We are surrounded by jerks everyday that tell us that “nothing worth while is easy”, “dreams don’t work unless you do”, “no pain no gain”… the list goes on. I want to drop kick these people in the face. HARD.