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    Choosing The Best Blogging Platform

    This is a marriage. (But not the Hollywood sort.) Choosing the best blogging platform is one of the most important decisions you will make when starting a blog. And choosing the best blogging platform is kind of like choosing a partner. (except you won’t have to do their dirty laundry). The point is, this is serious, and if you want to run your blog like a business, or you are setting up a blog for your business, then you need a partner that will help you make more money. That partner is WordPress. So get ready to fall in LOVE.

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    Why Blogging Is EVERYTHING

    I was 25. I hated my life. I felt like I was the one person on the planet that was good at a lot of things, but not great at anything. I felt like I was wasting my talents, whatever they were. Because my god, I had to be worth more than peddling Coach purses in the mall day in and day out. I felt like my genius escaped me. Whatever that was. I come from a nice family. No horror stories here, no super-poor, super-sad upbringing. Just good, decent parents. Both working decent jobs making decent livings. Enough to supply me and my siblings with everything we ever wanted…

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    27 Not So Obvious Truths About Blogging

    There are some fundamental truths about blogging you will need to know and except if you are going to be a contributing member to the blogosphere.¬† I left my filter at the door and tried to be as honest as possible, because in all honesty, all we have are those who’ve already done what we want to do. We trust what they say and hope that it will give us SOMETHING to hold on to. Mostly we just want them to say what we want to hear.. (which is that its easy, quick, rewarding, fun, etc…) And though I know some of you have already discovered some of your own…

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    5 Ways To Make Your Content Memorable

    If you want a successful blog you need to make your content memorable. Quality content gets remembered. You know what doesn’t get remembered? Backup singers. And people who wore skorts. And you know what? Quality doesn’t always mean factual or spewing out boring facts. (Not that I want you to tell lies, or talk about that which you have no clue). There’s a certain “it” factor to content that gets remembered (and shared). No worries, I am not going to make you guess at this one, I’ll be your wingwoman. Your blogging wingwoman. (I like the sound of that).   5 Ways To Make Your Content Memorable 1. Write a…

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    Starting A Blog: What’s Your End Game?

    So you want to start a blog… I can feel your enthusiasm. Your passion. You have this BRILLIANT idea. And it is definitely the next BIG thing. Definitely. I am not about to give you a “but” because I am willing to bet that whatever idea you have whirling around in your head is actually a pretty damn good one. About this I have no doubts. Most people who are interested in starting a blog have that ¬†need to create their own outlet for their brilliant ideas. I do want to challenge you though. What most of us creatives lack is organization and planning skills. (snore… I know, that’s boring…

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    The Great Big Ugly Truth About What It Takes To Build A Successful Blog

    I like ugly truths. They are usually really true, and really ugly. Meaning the truth hurts because it’s usually not what you want to hear. Like what it takes to build a successful blog. It’s kind of like waking up realizing that everything your mother said was right. (The worse feeling EVER). Well, I’m sorry kids, your mother is right (I am your mother in this instance), and if you want to build a successful blog it’s going to take well, lots of WORK. Damn. I know that is not what you want to hear. It’s much easier to try out “get rich quick” schemes that promise BIG results with…