The Great Big Ugly Truth About What It Takes To Build A Successful Blog

I like ugly truths. They are usually really true, and really ugly. Meaning the truth hurts because it's usually not what you want to hear. Like what it takes to build a successful blog. It's kind of like waking up realizing that everything your mother said was right. (The … [Read more...]

Why You Aren’t Making Money From Your Blog

Honestly, it isn't that hard to be making money from your blog... If you are spending your time pumping out posts, engaging with people, and working your social media then you should be making something. But why still, do people still manage to come up empty handed or … [Read more...]

What You Need To Know Right Now About Growing A Blog

So you've got this blog right? Now what? If you have been paying attention, then you understand that you need to be blogging. ¬†There is this big push for you to start a blog, whether you are a business owner looking for more exposure or if you are looking for something … [Read more...]