Feeling Stuck? Here’s How You Can Get More Shit Done. (It’s Not What You Think)

You come home after a long day of work.

Tired, smelly, and can’t be fucked with anything other than getting in a hot shower and going straight to your bed for some much-needed rejuvenation.

It’s the ending to a long, but productive day, and all you want is to step into a steamy hot shower to relax, recap the day, and wash away the feeling of running around in the city all day. (NYC peeps you know what I’m talking about).

You take off your clothes, step into the piping hot water, dip your head under and let out a sigh of relief… then something happens…

You can feel the water slowly fading from piping hot to lukewarm… and then cold.


Unless you are trying to cool your jets from a hot and steamy moment, or are like my lame ex who only took lukewarm showers, then you can’t be bothered with the cold water that is pouring down from the shower head. And then you are left wondering, “how the fuck did this happen?” or better yet, “who used up all the hot water?”

If you lived in my house you would assume it was the kids, not just because it’s the general consensus when something goes wrong, broken, or missing in the house, but also because you stepped over the dirty clothes they left on the bathroom floor just moments before you got in the shower. (insert massive eye roll here).

But it’s not your kids fault, it’s just a principle that life will show you time and time again to be true:

When you spread something out too thin, it’s effect will lesson.

This is true for the hot water, and also for your great ideas. [Read more…]

What Blogging And Bar-Hopping Have In Common

truths about bloggingYou ever been to a bar, saw a cute guy you wanted to talk to, but needed a little nudge to get you off your BUM and into the arms of a new beau? 

Well for some of you the answer is probably no, but humor me anyway.

Let’s talk about your friend ( you know the one who gave you the nudge, the support). You might call her The WingWoman, just for fun. She was the one who gave you the support, maybe even a few pointers, she may  have even gone over to the guy or got his attention for you.

Sometimes we need that right? Sometimes we know where we want to go, or what we want, but for whatever reason we just can’t seem to get there alone.

I’m going somewhere with this, I promise.

Blogging is a lot like this. You can have a general idea where you want to go, what you want from your blog, and you can actually FEEL it, with a passion.

But just like at the bar, you can’t quite close the deal. Maybe it’s because you are new to the blogging scene. Maybe it’s because you are a little burnt out. Maybe you don’t have a clearly defined plan that will get you there…


Here’s the big news:I can be your Blog WingWoman.

I get so many emails and questions about how I can help you with your blogs that I decided to take it a step further. Because it’s really my passion to see each and every blogger make it.

I have been at my desk working on this for the last few days (and long nights) putting together a solution for you that will really help you move forward. The answer- The WingWoman. Practical plans mixed with love and support from yours truly.


See What’s In Store HERE


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4 Reasons FB Ads Should Be A Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

fb adsIf you’ve been paying attention you know I have a love-hate relationship with fb ads.

Not that you should care about that. But people usually don’t like what they know little about. So I began to devote more time (me and my friends are campaigning now for 48hr days) to learning about them.

And I’ve actually started using them.

And I’ve actually started liking them (gasp).

Okay I promise this will be the last time I talk about how I used to despise Facebook. Because frankly, I think that everyone should integrate fb ads into their marketing strategy.

Here are 5 BIG reasons why: 


1. Small business can get in on the action

One reason I love fb ads is because it levels the playing field. Ads are no longer just for big business with big budgets. Small businesses can get in on the action. Community building  and maximizing social media is fair game.

2. Control the actions of your fans (creating a sales funnel)

You can get laser-specific about the actions you want your audience to take. You can have them redeem an offer, sign up for a webinar, sign up for your free download, whatever you want.

It’s not just about getting people to like your page. (Although people liking your page is good too, those are some warm leads that are relatively interested in what you have to sell). It’s about getting people to make specific actions that will eventually lead to sales.

3. It’s relatively inexpensive

All advertising can get expensive if you are not careful. Expensive meaning you are spending any amount of money without getting results. (aka wasting your damn money). You should learn how to create effective fb ads, and then test them, and then make better ads, and then test them, and so on and so forth (whatever that actually means).

Set aside $100- $200 a month to get started. And you can build from there.

4. Get targeted leads, not just fans

Fans are fine to have. But what you really want is LEADS. That means someone who is actually interested in your products and services. When you use fb ads you can target a laser specific audience, especially when you use the power editor extension.


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What A Maneater, Dreamer And A Ballsy Bitch Have In Common

launching new products


I’m going to tell you the story of how I started my first real blog.

By real of course I mean one that made me money(however little it was, and trust me, it was little).

So, as boring as my “story” may be, I’m going to tell you anyway.


Because for some reason, I feel like it’s relevant to you.

And we’ve come to a point in our relationship where I’m ready to go ALL.THE.WAY. Yeah, it’s that serious.

If you have been blogging for a while, or running your own business you know that you have to make yourself vulnerable. You open yourself up to fail, to be criticized, to make mistakes, to have your family think you are completely out of your mind.

You learn that you have to guard your dreams and that everyone will NOT share in your successes. And people will ask you when you are going to get a “real” job.

(By that they mean working your ass off making someone else millions that they take and enjoy with the awesome life they have created while you struggle to make it to your kids soccer games, are restricted when you can take a vacation, and are a slave to the alarm clock- yeah, no thanks mom).

So me telling you anything about me that’s personal is me once again, putting myself out there. By the way, if you want to be great at anything, you will have to do it to eventually.

It all started with a breakup and a song.

The song: you guessed it Maneater. But not the original, the Nelly Furtado version. (Btw, this song has become my personal anthem. I listen to it and dance around my room daily. Seriously).

The breakup: his name is Toderick. That’s his real name. We were in love. But one day, things changed. We grew apart, and well, I broke up with him. It was kind of mean the way I did it (I have to admit). It was not really hard for me, I was cold, and exact, and unforgiving.

That’s when I became the Maneater(that was the name of my blog)

My ex-boyfriend first called me that. I cried.

And then I took to the blogosphere.  No experience, no intention to do anything other than express myself.

I blogged, and I cried, and I looked for signs that I was still a good person, because hurting people doesn’t feel good. And being accused of not caring feels even worse.

Long story short, I discovered that I wasn’t a bad person, I grew a huge and amazing following, I wrote my first ebook, and I discovered exactly what I was meant to be doing in life at that point-BLOG. I was in love.

Eventually, once I got real ballsy, I quit my job and started blogging and running my internet business full time.

Here’s what the maneater, dreamer, and ballsy bitch have in common

Me. I’m all of the above. But started as a dreamer.

It’s not about talent. It’s not about education. It’s not about who you know. It’s not about finding your life purpose.

Life is about guts.

And for me, that’s how it started.

I jumped, I leaped, I took a chance. I embarked on the greatest journey of my life (greatest next to parenthood).

The maneater, the dreamer, and the ballsy bitch are all me. But it took courage, it took a lot of long, hard looks in the mirror to discover what had been inside of me all along.

The journey has been amazing. And with each new challenge, I learn more and more about myself. And I actually like it. I am ballsy, I am a dreamer, and I have been a maneater (don’t judge).

So there you have it.

Dream it, do it, and learn along the way.

Till next time people! Cheers!