How To Create Massive Amounts Of Content For Your Blog

content for your blogThat word massive just sounds so overwhelming doesn’t it? And especially said in the same breath as content for your blog.

I even shuddered. (Or maybe that was because I need to wear pants when I work… I kid, I kid, I wear pants like every other day and today is definitely a pants day).

Here’s the truth: There are several different strategies you can use to attract more visitors to your blog, but the bottom line always remains that you want more visitors to your blog.

And creating loads of great content for your blog is one way to get it. (Not saying that it is the only way so don’t get all righteous on me).

If you want to create massive amounts of content for your blog then you  have to get really good at being a productive writer. (This doesn’t mean a good writer, let’s just focus on the productivity for now).

Here’s another truth: The most basic action needed for creating content for your blog is to write.

Yes, you have to actually write. Your content does so much more than just getting backlinks to your site for SEO’s sake. Your content establishes you as an authority in a subject, it adds value to your reader(meaning it’s giving them something or teaching them something of use), and it is what connects you to your audience.

Here’s a lie: I always have fresh, amazing ideas to blog about. (Just felt like I should tell a lie, the truth hurts sometimes so I’m trying to take it easy).


Be a “copy” cat

Sometimes being a copycat is not so bad. Especially when it comes to exercising your writing muscles. When you run across a writer or blogger that really resonates with you, copy them.

I mean like pull out your paper and pen and copy what they have written word for word. (This does not mean to steal someone’s work and try to pass it off as your own). This will just help you get a better writing rhythm and get comfortable writing in a tone that you like.

Set aside a time for writing, and then WRITE.

People confuse writing time with editing time and idea generation time. Writing time should be dedicated to simply writing. This means forget about the backspace and the delete button. (gasp)

The goal in your writing time is to simply get content down on paper. And the goal is loads of content (aka words). And in your writing time when you stop to fix errors, or change your wording, aka editing, it takes away from what you really want to accomplish-WRITING.

Your productivity will go up, your stress will go down (and so will the time it takes for you to write content)

The key to creating massive amounts of content for your blog is to be more productive. The key to writing more productively is to actually friggin write (imagine that). Don’t you hate it when it’s that simple?

Let’s make sweet content love shall we? 


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