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Why I Love Content Landing Pages

content landing pagesI love content landing pages.  Love them.  Why? Because if content is King, then a content landing page is the throne…

A little cheesy, and yes, I am a little tired of the whole “content is king” reference. Promise, I won’t use it again (well at least not in this post).

I started creating content landing pages about a year ago and have become completely hooked.  I have to resist the urge to connect every single blog post to a content landing page. (Although… it’s not a bad idea).

Before we go any further, let’s talk about what a content landing page is exactly

A landing page, or sometimes called a squeeze page is a page with a purpose.  It is most commonly used to sell something.  Such as a book or course or whatever.  You are directed to a page and they ask you to buy it like 3 zillion times… Ugh. I hate those, don’t you?

Sometimes what is asked of you is a little more subtle.  Maybe you are simply invited to like a Facebook page or sign up for an email list. Maybe the goal is to get you to download something.  There is always a definitive purpose, and it is always clear.  We call this a call to action in blogging land.

A content landing page, however, doesn’t nessesarily have a call to aciton.  Rather, the purpose  and the focus, is all about the content.

 Why I love content landing pages, and what I use them for

Organize Your Content

I created the landing page Starting A Blog because I wanted a place to organize all of my blog posts that would be beneficial to people who are looking to start a blog for the first time.

I organize my content because I like it, and because I want my readers to have a better experience.  As opposed to having to search through my archives to find what they need, I pay attention to what my visitors are reading and how they are finding my blog in search (keywords), and then I create landing pages that support that.

 SEO Value

Did you know that your best content should be no more than 2 links away from your home page?  On a blog, the most recent posts are what’s shown on the home page.  If you have a popular post, but it is no longer on the front page it will lose SEO value.  The more you update, the more you will push that content back.

Landing pages give you a chance to be able to keep your most popular posts, on the home page.  I do it by creating “tutorials”.  If you noticed in my home page navigation, I have a link to the tutorials.

Having all your links in one place makes it great for SEO.  If one of your posts is really popular, than by including it on the landing page with other related posts, you are linking those together which will help landing page SEO and every page on there.

Makes Creating Content Easier

Creating content becomes a little easier when you organize it into landing pages. If you notice that people are finding you blog from searching “how to market yourself” then create a landing page titled, “how to market yourself” and then write posts that will teach people how to market themselves.

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