This Isn’t Just About Selling THAT Product Or THAT Service.

This Is About Living Your Dream

(And having a shit ton of fun along the way.)

And this isn’t just creating copy that sells (because that’s the easy part), this is about capturing who you are, and knowing how to communicate that to the world in a way that they can’t get enough of. 

It’s not what you sell, it’s not what you SAY…

It’s how you say it.


How Would You Like To: 

  • attract more of your ideal clients
  • get more leads
  • increase your bottom line (make more money, greenbacks, deniro)
  • have more money to spend on that swanky vacay you’ve been dying to go on
  • have a glass of wine with us (really, we like sharing)

Then You Should: 

  • STOP! Collaborate and listen. 
  • Pick up the phone/send an email/ throw rocks at our window (because this is too important, and you love your biz too much to NOT get this right)


This is important to you, this is one that you have to get right.


We Want To Create Copy For You That Tells Your Story, Your Way

Let’s start creating today. Choose your option below:

Option 1:  A say it just the way you want it (because this is too important to muck up) page

$97  pick any one for a good time

  • About page
  • Home page
  • Welcome page

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Option 2:
 The ultimate make you want it sales page


You work hard to create your product and your service and now it’s time share it with your ideal clients. Doesn’t really make sense to leave the most important part to chance. Your product can only be as great as you can communicate it’s value. Meaning, it doesn’t matter if you have a good product or not if you can’t communicate the benefits and make people want to check it out… they never will.

Leave it to us to make your product so irresistible even you will want to buy it.

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Option 3: Give it to me all, the essentials you can’t live without package

$350 includes all of the following

  • About page
  • Home page
  • Services page
  • One other page  of your choice

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Option 4: The social smack down!

$250  Includes up to six social media profiles and and any copy for graphics.

Believe it or not, your copy on your social media matters. Don’t get caught with your pants down (or an incomplete or really bad profile). Let us write copy that is engaging, optimized, and complete. Because everywhere you communicate with your potential leads, matters!

Need graphics?

Got you covered too. Just indicate you need them along with the copy and we will give you a discount on your total package. Kinda great of us right? I know, I know, hold the applause.

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Option 5:  Write my ebook or white paper

$800-$2,000 depending on length and research

Need something BIG? If you are looking to attract need clients through offering a lead-generating ebook or white paper- we’ve got you covered. 

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Need something not on this list? Just ask. :-) 


The Process:  How All This Works (It’s a cinch, I promise)

Once you decide to work with us all you need to do is fill out the form below.  In the subject line write which option you would like to choose.

You will be contacted within 24hrs by someone on the staff.  We will ask you a few more questions to get to know you and what you need a little bit better.

Within 48 hours of receiving payment from you (done via paypal) we will start on your project and set an agreed upon date that work will be completed.

We finish the work and it is ALL YOURS.  You own the content!

Here’s The Form: just fill in the subject line with the option you want (so easy!)