The 411 On Crafting A Killer Call To Action

A call to action is exactly what is sounds like.  You are essentially asking people to perform a chosen action.  You can use them on your blog, twitter, facebook, google+1- any social platform you choose.  The ultimate action may be different for each case, but the goal is the same-to get your readers to do what you want them to do.

So how do you achieve this?  Sounds a little pushy to some, but a call to action is not to be confused with a cheesy sales pitch. A call to action is simply making a direct request.  It’s a way to direct traffic in your blog, which if you want your blog to be successful, you will need to learn to do.  A call to action can simply live in your sidebar in simple text, at the end of your blog posts, attached to a link on twitter or Facebook, but the most effective are usually located on specific landing pages.  

Pinpoint What It Is You Want Your Readers To Do

Before you even begin you need to figure out what it is you want your readers to do.  What action do you want them to take.  This can vary but some general calls to action are email opt-in, purchasing your product/service, sign up for course, visit your fanpage, share the content with friends, etc.  It all varies on what you are trying to do.

If you are trying to build your fanpage on Facebook, then you may want to write a post or page that encourages people to connect with you on your fanpage.  Maybe you are offering a special deal or a hot product only through your page, great.  First step is to figure out what you hope to accomplish by your call to action.

Be Very Direct

This is not the time to shy away from saying exactly what you mean.  This is when you will need to tell them what you want.  Like, “go like my Facebook page now to enter to win xyz contest!”.  It needs to be obvious to the reader exactly what you want them to do.

Create A Benefit 

It doesn’t hurt to offer someone something of value when you are asking a favor of them.  But you don’t necessarily have to give something away.  You could focus on the quality of what your Facebook fanpage already provides, like a more personal connection with you etc.

Another great tactic is to let them know how many others (testimonials) are already enjoying it.  Like saying, “come join over 4,000 subscribers who are learning about ____ everyday and loving it! ”  That way the readers see that others find value in it.

Say It Again

Sometimes it is necessary to say it more than once, especially if your text gets kind of wordy(only when necessary).  It is totally okay to insert your call more than once or twice.  And it’s usually a good idea to not wait until the very end of your text to place your first call to action.  Place it in the top third of your post where people are most likely to see it before browsing away from your page.

Don’t Be Confusing Or Overwhelming 

Only give them one option to choose from.  Although you want them to like you on Facebook, Twitter, sign up for email, the ecourse, and buy your book, you can’t jumble it up all into one.  But you knew that already right?  Give them one specific choice, just one action.  It’s hard enough sometimes to get them to focus on that one thing.  Don’t confuse them.

Tell Them How And Make It Easy

Make this easy.  If you want them to like your Facebook Page then your link should be easy to see, working properly, and in several places on the page for easy access.  Readers, especially internet readers, can tend to be particularly lazy and aren’t willing to do any extra work… like search for your call to action button.


So now your turn guys. What are you experiences with creating Calls To Action?  I’d love to hear what you think about my tips+learn some from you all!  Let me know below in the comments!


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