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One Trick To Create Headlines That Convert EveryTime

Well, two tricks actually.  If you have trouble creating blog headlines don’t worry, I am about to share with you an awesome secret that I learned a few years back that will revolutionize your headling writing forever! Want to create headlines that convert? Read on… We are getting to it.


Start With Keywords

When an idea for a new blog post “hits” me, I immediately write it down in my idea bucket ( nothing fancy, just a journal).  Those ideas eventually become my keywords.  I pull out my idea bucket and start plugging different keyword phrases into Goggle Keyword Tool  and come up with a phrase that works.

I talk more about keywords, using Google Keyword Tool, and using keywords in URLs and headlines in this post about the keyword tips I’ve learned through the years.  Check it out for more keyword no how.

Create Headlines With This Trick

Once I get the keyword phrase nailed down, I go straight to Cosmo.  No, not to read girl gossip female trash(which I happen to like reading), to create my headline.  You see, the people who write headlines for these mags are pro copywriters. Their job is all about catching the eyes of readers who have lots of choices right in front of them.  They compete with other headlines.

Don’t think its true?  The next time you are in line at the grocery store look around.  Cheesy headlines on every cover of every mag right there in front of you.  Pay attention to what headlines grab your attention and why.

Once you start paying attention to the headlines around you that catch your attention, you will become better at creating your own.

You can even take your keyword phrase and plug it right into a headline and play with the wording and see how that works for you.  However you decide to go about it, I promise, this will help you a great deal in creating slam dunk headlines that will make people want to read your content.

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