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Starting A Blog: Creating A Blog Tagline


What does your tagline say about you?  Your blog tagline is essentially a one line description of what your mission is, why it matters, and the voice of your company.  People should be able to “get” you and your business from that one line description without surfing through your website.  The key to creating a blog tagline is combining what you do with why it matters, and your own unique voice.  Here are some basic tips to help get you started.

3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Creating A Blog Tagline

1. Why Does My Company/Blog Exist? What Is The Purpose?

What’s the why behind what you do?  This is the moment where you think past what services you offer and instead think about the value you will be adding to whoever uses your service or product.  This is kind of like your mission statement.  Creating a blog tagline that will kill it starts with a clear understanding of your purpose.

2. Why Does It Matter To Anyone Else?

Now that you know what your company’s purpose is, why does that purpose matter to anyone else?  I provide internet marketing solutions.  It matters to my clients because I can help them grow their online presence and get more leads from social media. You need to know why your business matters not just to you, but to others.

3.  How Do I Want My Brand To Come Across To Others?

Do you want to have a more relaxed tone to your business?  Are you humorous and want that to come through?  Are you speaking to mostly women?  Do you want to be very professional and less personal?  These are some questions you can ask yourself when putting creating a blog tagline and establishing the tone of your business. Your tag is what people will see first.  Does it reflect you and your business culture?

Putting It All Together

Did you just write all that down?  Well, you should have.  It helps if you write as you go.  Then go back and read what you have written. What words or phrases have you written that jump out to you?  Is there something about your purpose that strikes a cord with you?  Re read what you have written, and add to what you have until it feels like you’ve fully answered those three questions.

Then put them together into a “one-liner” or tagline.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, just write. Write several variations if you need to(my hunch is that you will need to!)

Come Back To It

It’s a good idea to walk away for awhile and give your brain a rest.  Take a walk, read a book, whatever! but just give yourself some time away from your project so that when you come back to it your mind is fresh with more great ideas!

Get Feedback

It’s not a bad idea to present your tags to several people who you know and trust.  They don’t have to be business people.  As a matter of fact it’s a good idea to see what your tags sound like to people who have no idea about your business or about taglines.  That way you can ask if they get, by the one sentence, what your business is all about.

So let’s play a little tag… If you are starting a blog or in the process of working on a new tagline leave your one-liners in the comments below along with the link to your blog or website.  Everyone feel free to leave feedback and let’s create some great tags together!


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