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Creating Blog Content Is Not That Hard


Creating blog content is easy.

There I said it, so sue me.(shrugs)

I’ve heard so many excuses about why you can’t keep up a blog for your business which include but aren’t limited to:

  • blogging requires too much time
  • I don’t have any blogging ideas
  • I’m not a writer

Sound familiar? 

Then there are those who think you don’t have to have a blog for your business at all. To you I want to say farewell, because I won’t be seeing you around in the next 5 years. And if I do, it’ll be on your blog.

The truth is, to hell with all the excuses, blogging is not that damn hard. (Yes, I wanted to say it just like that, so I did) .

What’s really hindering you is your schedules, calendars, and flat out lack of inspiriation.

Use Your Personality

The worse thing is heading over to a blog and reading the exact same stuff that everyone else is saying. People need something different.  People need to see your personality.

Unless your personality is boring, and in that case… you can skip ahead to the last paragraph.

Get Inspired

I find inspiration when I read really good writing.  When someone has a really good point of view, or someone says something in a way I’d never thought.

I like for my thoughts to be provoked (sounds sexy doesn’t it?).

My point is, and I have one, is that when you find whatever inspires you to create bangin’ content- make sure you get your daily dose.

Creating blog content is not that hard, but it sure does require a lot of words on a consistent basis.  Best way to find them-READ.

Sell something or have a purpose

Every blog post you write should have a purpose.  Didn’t you learn that back in English 101?

Are you trying to build your email list?  Or sell a product or service?  (See last paragraph for my sales pitch).

Point is, you need to have a specific thing that you want your readers to do when they read your content.  And then inspire them, or ask them nicely to do it.

If you are trying to make money blogging then this is especially true for you.  Wait, shouldn’t everyone make money from their blog? (Aren’t you?)

Write when you feel like writing, and make that often

I am writing this on a Thursday evening on a whim, or because I felt like it.  Does that ever happen to you?

Writing is one of those creative processes that are best done inspired and not forced.  Sure, sometimes you have to force yourself.  But when you feel the fire, like I do now, write until it’s all out.  Even if that means multiple posts or ideas.

F*** It, Hire someone to do it for you

Check out my Write Drunk Edit Sober copywriting options.  I can write anything from your wedding vows, to your blog posts and web copy.  (I can even write your drunk texts for you.. but that would defeat the term “drunk text” unless… well, never mind).

Let’s face it, sometimes you just need someone to do it for you.  Like the accounting side of business… I do not do that well and have zero desire to learn.  So I hired someone.  Worth. Every. Single. Penny.  Lot of pennies though.

Point being, if your blog is stressing you out that much-  Let someone like me who loves doing it, do it.  No one wants to read your boring content anyway (if you hate writing, we probably hate reading it, just saying).


But if you are going to go it alone, you need a content strategy to help you out.  

Guess what?  I’ve got something to help.

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