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6 Painless Tips To Create More Effective FB Ads

fb adsI promise this will be the most painless lesson about Fb Ads EVER.

Up until a few months ago I hated Facebook. Loathed it. I mean the nerve of this “business” to actually try to make a dime off of all of us other businesses trying to make a dime! (Said like this, it makes me feel a little silly that I actually thought like this)


Okay now that you are done crying, complaining, and realizing that life in general is not fair, and nothing is essentially free, especially when you are trying to build a business or make money with your blog, put on your best big girl panties (vikki’s secret if you must) and let’s talk turkey. 

Fb ads turkey. (I’ll apologize for saying that later)

6 Of The Most Painless Fb Ads Tips You’ll Ever Read

1. Go Mobile

The number of users accessing Facebook on mobile devices has skyrocketed in the past year – today, 60 percent of all users are visiting Facebook on their phones and tablets.

According to a study by SocialCode, Facebook mobile ads earn up to 2.5 times more than desktop-only ads.

– source

In a nutshell: Go Mobile or Go Home.

2. Know What Your End Game Is

You just can’t go flinging fb ads out there and expect them to convert if you have no goal, no end game, and no plan.  How are you supposed to know if your ad was effective?

You have to give yourself something that you can measure. You have to measure results when advertising. Why?


Reason enough?

3. Get Your Funnel Ready

Where are you sending people from your fb ads? What action do you want them to take?

Meaning, it’s time to direct traffic. You are placing the ad to get traffic, now what do you want them to do? Where do you want them to go? Do you have a landing page in place to capture email if that’s your goal? Do you have a sales page set up for your product or service?

Get the funnel ready so that when you attract more people, it’s more effective.

4. Exercise Your Writing Headlines Muscle

Capitalizing The First Letter Of Every Word Is An Effective Way To Write A Headline.

That’s just for starters. You’ll have to be witty and clever (like myself), but you can also be direct and informative and be just as effective if not more. Here’s how I write headlines for blog posts, you can use some of these tips.

I also found some great tips on writing headlines for your fb ads on Fb Ads Lab.

5. Use The Facebook Power Editor

As an alternative to promoted posts you should try out the Facebook Power Editor. I’ll just let Jon Loomer explain that in this power editor tutorial.

6. Track, Measure, Learn More, And Try Again

Sometimes you won’t succeed. Sometimes your ad will suck, and you will loose a little change.

Big deal.

Once again, it’s time for your big girl panties. Suck it up, learn from what worked and what didn’t. Business isn’t easy, and if you’re running one, you should know this already. If you don’t, give it time.

You can’t quit at the first sign of defeat.

This is why it’s important to have an end game in mind. It will enable you to track, measure, and learn. The more you do this, the better results you are going to get.

Practice makes perfect right?

Now Here’s What I Want You To Do.

2 Things. Can you handle that?? First I want you to share with me in the comments below your successes, struggles, thoughts, comments, and anything you want to add to make this list even less painful.

Secondly, if you want to learn more about Fb Ads, social media marketing, blogging, and business then invite me in (yes, this is a reference to True Blood you may not get it but oh well). What I mean is, just sign up to receive free tips and stay connected. Do it below. Let’s run this!


Oh yeah, and sorry about when I said “facebook ad turkey” and for the True Blood reference in the middle of my call to action (probably ruined it and instead of signing up you have gone off daydreaming about Vamps and Sookie (another cheesy reference))

And sorry I just put parenthesis inside parenthesis.. is that even legal? I mean proper? I mean grammatically correct?

Yikes! Let me just end this.

See you on the inside! (inside meaning your inbox)

Ok I’m done.


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