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It’s Time To Freshen Up Your Boring Blog Content!

Warning: Content will put you to sleep, ensure you NEVER come to read my blog, and click away before you finish this post.

got content homepageNO. Not my content silly.  But some of you out there could definitely use this warning on your blogs.  It may be time to freshen up your blog content.  Or for some of you, a major overhaul or revamp may be in order.

I’m seriously allergic to boring. I have a serious aversion to milk too.

What You Write Matters

Every single word you write means something. It’s a chance to express who you are, what your biz is about, show your personality, or just simply make a connection with someone.

And on your blog-connection is everything! It’s how you get people to come back and read more, sign up for your likely boring “newsletter”, and its how you get people to trust you enough to buy anything you are selling.

Sounds like words are pretty awesome huh? Well, they are.

You Can Always Say It Better Than You Said It The First Time

Words are funny like that.  You can always use them to express yourself better the second, third, and sometimes fourth time around.  Treat each piece  of content you write as a working masterpiece. You can always make it better, say it better, and make what you say really count.  Because the reality is, you have around 20 seconds to either attract a new customer or lose them forever.

This shit is important. Period.

Read A Trashy Magazine, Then Write

Most popular mags are trashy and mindless BUT they are full of great headlines and quick, easy to read content that readers love. I create lots of headlines in this way.  It’s also a great way to learn how to write web copy.

Simple. Easy. Entertaining.

Blog Content Is Not Rocket Science

Stop acting like writing a blog post is laborious.  I share some tips that making writing easy HERE.  We have got to start seeing this thing as fun (you know, actually enjoy blogging).  If you can’t go that far then how about just not a burden?

Essentially, your blog content is a way of communicating to others in more than 140 characters. There is a method to the madness sure, but let’s start conversations, not write research papers.

Hey if I can pump out as much content as I do then anyone can do it.

Where To Start

Start at your “about me” page. Here’s mine, recently revamped. If you can’t get people excited to know you and connect with you, then you’ve got a problem.

I would rather hear that you love vodka, rap music, and wearing your hat to the side, than hearing all your boring accolades that mean nothing to me.  The key is to establish some sort of connection.

If you like vodka and rap music I could say, “hey, me too!” and instant connection.  Sometimes it’s just that easy.  Or simple rather.


Need Help Developing Content?

There will be more to come on creating blog content. I find that so many people struggle with this.  I created a content development worksheet to help out.

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  • JanBierens

    Hi Angie,
    Good advice here. It’s very important to get ‘the flow’ going on your blog.
    I would say: Just be yourself – as you write, be natural. People are smart yannow, they just know when you are not you!
    I loved the adviceabout reading a trashy magazine before you read. it’s all about the mind-set, huh? 😉

  • Pauline

    Hi Angie
    If your blog content is boring then your readers will get bored and be reluctant to return, so yes it is important to freshen up your content. If you let your personality shine through (like you do) then it stay interesting, I like a post if it makes me smile 🙂
    Blogging and commenting is all about building relationships with our readers, I always say we need to reply to every comment, if someone has taken the time to read our post and leave a comment then it is rude to ignore them, we want those people to come back again right?
    Thanks for sharing, hope you enjoy your weekend 🙂

  • Donna Merrill

    Hi Angie!

    Writing our blog with our own words and personality will help our readers gain interest. And being consistent is the key!
    When people come to our blog they do know the difference if it is really us conveying a message or someone writing for us. Because of Social Media and all other ways we connect to build relationships, our blog needs to reflect our own unique personalities.
    I think that is the best way of “attraction”

    • Angie M Jordan

      I agree Donna, it is the best way to attract and to stand out. How can you stand out when you are busy copying what others are doing? And yes, consistency is huge! Thanks for dropping by!

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