Get Desperate. Your Business Will Thank You For It.

blog honeymoonDesperation breeds all kinds of things, but most of all it breeds greatness.

Complacency is a business killer. It’s what makes you mediocre. It’s what makes it okay for you to “skip” your blog for a day. It’s what makes it okay for you to not always do your best.

It’s what makes you suck.

And it’s why you are still “wanting” and not “doing”. (And you thought it was the economic climate).

But on the other hand, when you are desperate, when you know that this time it’s got to work (or your family won’t eat), this is when it gets really good. This is when you put on your big girl panties, roll up your sleeves, and you just fucking do it.

Because there is no other option. And you are not failing, because you literally can’t.

You need to get desperate.

If you are not successful in your business, it’s because you haven’t gotten truly desperate. You are still holding on to your security, you are still comfortable, you still have something to fall back on.

So you skate on by, doing just enough to keep you afloat, but not enough to make you great. But when you are out of options you get creative. You come up with all sorts of ideas to market your business. You try anything and EVERYTHING you can.

Are you desperate enough? 

How much do you want it? Are you losing because you don’t want it bad enough? If your life depended on it… would you still be alive? Could you put food on the table? Could you make it happen? 

Ready for greatness? 

Treat each day’s tasks with the conviction that if you don’t do this, you won’t eat. Your kids won’t eat, you’ll be out on the street. That’s how bad you need this to work. 


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