Get Longer Lashes

Think about it.

You wake up, probably late if you are like me because you hit the snooze button a million times *sighs*,  and you have 10 minutes to leave the house… I know for me most days I am okay going without the makeup (thanks to my great skincare regimen),

but ya’ll MY LASHES!

I know I am not alone when I say if feel naked without mascara. This would be a morning I would grab a tube of mascara and lip gloss and quickly apply in the car en route to wherever I am going.

But what if I told you your lashes could actually look darker, longer, and fuller?


What am I saying? Well, I’m saying you can ditch the lash extensions. They are pricey and I literally have no time to go and get them done… AND this can’t be a permanent solution- like for the rest of my life I have to get extensions kind of thing.

Introduce lash boost. The reason to ditch your lash extensions and even go without mascara (even though full disclosure: I will NEVER do) because no matter how long, full, and gorgeous my lashes are, mascara is always there to enhance what is currently there. But it just gets better and better.


What is Lash Boost?

Lash Boost is a serum developed by the same doctors who created the coveted Proactiv multi- med therapy for acne who have since launched the #1 anti-aging skincare brand in North America Rodan and Fields.  This little magic serum has been proven to give it’s users longer-looking, fuller, darker lashes in 4-8weeks of use.

How It Works

Panthenol and Sodium Hyaluronate attract moisture to the lash promoting flexibility and resilience

Biotin and Keratin infuse protein and help prevent future damage

Peptides provide nutrition to the lashes, enhancing durability and supporting a more voluminous apprearance.

How To Get It + The Cost + How It Compares To Other Lash Enhancements

If you want to get some of this Lash Boost, go here. It will cost you $150 and last you around 3 months. It takes 4-8 weeks to see real and lasting results with this stuff so be prepared to go into your wallet more than once for this miracle serum. But this breaks down to only $1.50/day. Sooo if you are worried about the cost, it’s less than your daily morning cup of coffee. AND… it’s lasting results, not like those lash extensions you are paying hundreds of dollars for and have to re-do every 8-10 weeks.

You can also become a preferred customer and save 10% and get free shipping. If you have more questions you can email me at



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