3 Surefire Ways To Lose Your Readers


Getting the readers to your blog is only 1/3 of the battle.  The other 2/3 involves getting them to actually READ your blog and getting them to do what you want them to do, as in a call to action. I want to focus on the 1/3 of the equation that deals with how to get people to READ your blog.

No doubt you spend time and energy in putting together your fabulous blog posts and with the expectation of actually sharing the information so that you can inform, entertain, and engage your audience.  But what if your words are falling on deaf ears?

Instead of telling you what to do, I will instead give you a quick, easy list of what NOT to do if you want people to actually READ what you write.

1.  Talk About Yourself

–  It only takes me about 3 seconds to open an article and determine if I will either read it thoroughly, skim through it, or close it out.  One of the things that will make me close the browser just as quickly as I opened it, is someone babbling on about themselves. With the exception of personal blogs, which some people like, most people search the internet for answers.  They have a problem they want to solve, they have a question they want answered.  The key is to being able to answer that question for them.

Your reader wants to know how they can benefit from your writing-period.  Make your writing about them.  Not you.

2. Not Use Headers, Sub-headers, and Bullets When Possible

– I would add to this paragraph breaks as well.  If your text looks like the text in a novel- forget it.  That reader is most likely going to pass and move on to more scannable, readable text.  Online readers need lots of paragraphs breaks, important info should be easily recognizable( like in bold or bullet, or in header), and headers should not make people guess what the blog is about.  Give it to your readers straight.

3.  Write 1,000 Word Entries… Every Time

Save it for the ebook.  No, really, if you’ve got so much information to share then write an ebook where your reader knows that he/she is in it for the long haul, not your blog posts.  I can guarantee you that your 1,000 words are not all being read.  Sad, I know, but it’s the hard truth.

Keep your posts between 500-800 words max.  If you have 1,000 words to say, think about breaking it up into two smaller posts.  Always keep in mind that you may have the best information in the world and it may be beautifully written, but if you don’t learn how to effectively share it(in under 800 words max), no one is reading it anyway.


Now it’s your turn.  What are some things about blogs that keep you from reading?  Do you have any tips to share?  Please do so in the comments below!

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