It’s Sunday evening. Suddenly your heart sinks, you remember what tomorrow is- Monday. There is a pit in your stomach. You can’t even enjoy the rest of your night, because, well, you gotta get your ass up for work in the morning.

Back to the “grind”

Back to the job that doesn’t light you up, the job you are bored AF at, or frustrated AF, or the job you like most days, but you didn’t think you would STILL be doing it, after all these years. Surely you thought you’d have your own business by now or your millions.

And let’s not forget, the job that pays for your basic needs.. but not much more. Not the things you TRULY desire, like being able to stay home with your kids, or taking impromptu girls trips to the beach whenever the fuck you feel like it, or even just the handbag you have been saving for… for the last 6 months…

Life is good. Life is “normal”. But it’s not the life you DREAMED of. It’s not the life you would design if you could choose EVERY detail. (spoiler alert: you can)

Enter The Get Happy AF Retreat:

You wake up and choose your frequency, you enroll yourself into your dreams, your passions- not your fears. You get to choose what your days look like, your weeks, your months, your life. You decide.

You are passionate AF about your mission and know what you are meant to be doing on this earth. You are fully expressed as who you are, unapologetically. You are the woman you’ve always known you were supposed to be.

You are lit the fuck up about your life. PERIOD.