My Rodan And Fields Picks For Great Winter Skin

I seriously cannot talk about my winter skin/makeup regimens enough and how drastically they change for me enough. I seriously have to switch nearly everything to maintain my skin and my make-up because well… I am soooooo pale in the winter. It’s scary.

If you want to read about my tips for your skin in the winter, I wrote about it HERE.

In this post I just want to highlight some of my favorite winter products, and what I use them for.



Because you have to protect your skin. This is why this is #1. Most people forget that because it’s cold, there is still sun, and it can still damage your skin. My favorite is the Reverse Step 4 by Rodan and Fields.

2.  Gentle Cleanser

Just say NO to suds. HELL NO. Suds are drying to your skin. In the winter instead of using my exfoliating cleanser twice a day, I skip it, usually in the morning.  I use THIS ONE.


3. Hydrate Your Skin

I love 2 products in particular for this. Moisture Replenishment Cream and Active Hydration Serum. I use the serum year round at night, but during the winter I use it both day and night. I love how it makes my skin glow.




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