How I Got 4,396 People To Read This One Blog Post

blogging 101I got 4,396 people to read THIS one blog post.  I’m not shitting you, I did.  And I did it in less than two months.

Before I get into the “how” I want to tell you that although I am thrilled to get that kind of response to one blog post, I really could care less about that 4,396 number that I threw out.

Rookie Mistake: Thinking that traffic matters.


How I Did It

I started a conversation

People forget that blogs are about conversations.  Blogs were developed with the same premise as social media-to be social.  Only you have a bigger platform in which to express yourself.

People crave conversation and connection.  If you ask me, it is one of the most powerful blogging tips ever. Start conversations.  Create connections through what you write.  Enough with the formal stuff, no one reading it is a robot.

This is why people who blog like they are talking to their best friends generally have more engagement and shares on their blogs.  They write like they are talking to you.

 I struck it hot with keywords

I love keywords.  I mean it absolutely amazes me how many people don’t know how to use them or don’t even bother with them.  I find my happy medium somewhere between a “hot” keyword and a conversational post.

Meaning, just because I am using a keyword in my post, it’s still engaging and you won’t notice that I am trying to get found for a particular keyword.

For the post I attracted so many visitors I “struck it hot” by using a keyword phrase that was highly searched, but not highly used.  So when you search that term, my blog post comes up first in search. (That’s where you want to be folks and that’s why I get so many visitors a day still after 2 months).

Formatting matters: I made it easy to read and share

Long, boring blog posts are just that – long and boring.  And a pain in the arse to read.  I don’t know about you but I’ve got a mild case of ADD and staying focused on a long, jumbled blog post is very difficult for me.  This is especially true when writing web copy.  Short, sweet, and to the point.  With headlines that tell.

I asked a simple (although popular question) and then I answered it

Asking questions is the greatest form of engagement because people either want to know the answer, or want to answer it themselves. I asked a simple question, “how much do bloggers make?’  Then I answered it.  Apparently people want to know, and I even had people sounding off and giving their opinion in the comments.

Don’t underestimate the power of asking a question.

Why It Doesn’t Matter

And after I romanced you with that lovely number and bragged about my great personal achievement, I am now telling you that it doesn’t really matter.


Because you know how much money I made from it?

Not a dime.  Not one single penny.  In other words, the conversion rates from that one post was basically nothing.  🙁 That’s a disappointment isn’t it?

Well, not really.  Although getting traffic feels good and is essential to developing your online presence, conversion is much more important.  After all if you make no money, you have no business.  But the great news is that if I can do it with one blog post, I can do it with another and so can you.  That’s something to be excited about – seriously.

We can recreate that same success.  And this time, we will be ready for it.  This is why I always recommend having a clear purpose for everything you write.  My purpose for writing that particular post was to funnel people to one of my content landing pages.  That worked, but I realized that I was missing out on keeping these readers.

I had not told them I wanted them to sign up for emails, or join me on Facebook. I didn’t tell them what I wanted them to do.  Some went on to read the content landing page, which has no email sign up, and then left.  Boy, did I miss out on converting 4,396 people.

We live we learn.  We move on….

I know you want to learn how to have this same success, and I know you will convert your traffic right?  That’s why you are going to join 1000+ other bloggers who are learning that and much more.  It’s easy.  Just enter your email addy below, and join the party.


I promise, I won’t bore you, I won’t spam you, and I won’t send you annoying messages every day! And if you don’t like me, you can jump ship at any time.

See you on the inside!

Till we meet in your inbox,

Cheers – ANG



  • Sebastian Aiden Daniels

    I am a new blogger. What is considered good numbers for traffic? I am clueless to it. How much do the top bloggers pull in on their posts? I guess I’ll try to google the answer, but if you know let me know.

    I understand that it doesn’t really matter. What matters like you said is if you get people to sign up for your email list or something else? You want them to come back and be a dedicated reader and not a one time thing, which traffic tends to be.

    • Angie M Jordan

      It depends on what kind of blog you have. Numbers don’t always mean everything. What matters is if you can get people to take action. Like sign up for email, and buy your products or services!

  • Gina Stoneheart

    Thanks for the heads up Angie. I just started a new blog and this whole world of online social media can be quite intimidating. But as you mentioned before, and what I believe any blogger must do, is keep the reader coming back for more. My blog is centered around alcoholism and sobriety because my family has struggled with it for years and my mother recently had a liver transplant due to liver failure. Because these issues are very near and dear to my heart, I’ve decided to write a blog that journalizes life before and after a liver transplant, and everything in between. So my task at hand is trying to develop a blog that addresses these pivotal subjects as well as everyday things I’m interested in like health, fitness, and like everyone else’s, I’m sure…crazy life. Great post, thanks! I will be sure to follow.

  • Ashley Faulkes

    Wow Angie, quite an achievement, but as you say it’s conversion that matters in the end – if you are looking to make money. I see lots of bloggers not making money, and only a few who do. So I guess it really depends on your goals. Thanks for sharing your tips though.

  • Scott

    I like this post and you make excellent points about using questions. I have to make these adjustments in my blog posts and will starting today.



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