How Much Do Bloggers Really Make? The Definitive Guide To Make Money Blogging


how much do bloggers makeIf you’ve ever wondered how much bloggers make then you are not alone.

As a matter of fact as of the time I am writing this, over 20,000 people were wondering the same exact thing and arrived right here where you are. 

Are you wondering if you should start a blog just to make money?  You are not alone.  Well, here is my somewhat vague answer to that very broad and general question.  

Do bloggers make money? Yes. Yes they do.  

I am living proof.  The how and how much, now that varies wildly.  


Can Blogging Be Your Full Time Job?

Yes.  Blogging will always feel like a full time job, even if you are not making the money to support yourself solely from your blog.  The amount of work required to keep up with blogging can be overwhelming.

Can you make enough money blogging that it could become your primary source of income? Yes.  You can. Does it happen overnight? No.

Truth is, if you need money quick, and are looking to start a new venture in which to get this “quick money”, then starting a blog is not for you.

If you want to create something you are passionate about, add value to others’ lives through what you have to offer, be willing to slowly build a following and community, and spend a hell of a lot of time writing, then blogging is right for you!

How Do Bloggers Make Money?

Bloggers can make money several ways.  Some of the most popular are ads and affiliate marketing.   Many bloggers sign up with Google Adsense, an add network that matches advertisements to relevant blogs based on content.  There are other ad networks as well.


If your blog is popular then you can see effective selling ad space to advertisers of your choosing for a monthly, weekly, or quarterly fee.  To do this you have to be bringing in some serious traffic.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is popular among bloggers and for good reason.  I am an affiliate of GoDaddy, Mailchimp, and Scribe just to name a few.  What that means is that I promote these products and get a percentage of sales made through links people clicked through on my blog.

Key to affiliate marketing without being cheesy is to be forthcoming with the fact that your links are affiliate and only promote products that you have actually tried and that will actually provide some benefit and add value to your readers.


Now on to my favorite and what I think most effective way to make money from your blog-your own products.  Books, ebooks, and ecourses are all great ways to make money from your blog.

Depending on what your blog is about, you have the potential to create as many different kinds of products as you’d like.  I have a friend who has a popular dating blog create merchandise such as mugs, water bottles and t shirts to sell on her blog and is doing well.

Can’t go wrong with promoting your own product.  Same rules apply as do with affiliate marketing.  Give them something that adds value, and market the crap out of it and you!

Should I Start A Blog Just To Make Money?

If that’s what you want.  Just know that it doesn’t happen overnight.  And make sure you are passionate about what you blog about, because you will be spending a lot of time with it.

The more value you add, the more money you will make, if you’re smart. The best thing you can do is learn how to market yourself and your products.  if your dream is to start a blog and make money doing it, then do it.  You can do it, be ready to work, write, learn, market, and network.

So, How Much Do Bloggers Make?

Here’s the frustrating truth: it depends.  It depends on several things. your niche, your traffic, your content, your marketing, your network, your work ethic, and what value you are adding.

I know bloggers with good blogs who make nothing.  I have made $500 a month from a blog with little traffic and over $1000 a month from blogs with lots of traffic. The only way to know is to jump in.  Then learn as much as you can.


Want specifics? Read here Where 6 Bloggers Share Their Income! 


One thing for sure is that you will NEVER make any money from blogging if you never start a blog!

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See you on the inside!

I promise not to bore you with dumb emails, not to bother you every day, and not to be over-enthusiastic about myself or my own biz.  This is all about you.  And you can jump ship anytime, promise.





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