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How To Get People To Your Blog Who Will Actually Buy Something


50,000 people hit Google each month searching: I need to make money

Don’t we all?

In fact I have never ran across anyone in my entire life who didn’t want to make more money.  The most read posts on this site are about making money.  People want to know how much bloggers actually make, and how to make money with their blog.

Money, money, money.

Can you make money with your blog/website? Yes. Does having a blog for your business help you sell more services or products? Yes. But it’s NOT about how much traffic you can get to your site.  It’s not about plastering your links all over social media (which I hate).

It’s about attracting the right audience.  It’s about being there when those people who want to buy what you are selling are looking and ready to buy. Simple.

How To Get People To Your Blog- The Right People

10,000 monthly unique visitors means nothing.  It’s time to start focusing on conversions and paying attention to who is reading your blog, and what they are doing on your blog. It’s no longer about how to get people to your blog, it’s about how to get the right people to your blog.

Search Engine Optimization Reigns Supreme

I manage people’s social media for a living.  So I obviously believe in it’s power somewhat.  I think it’s a great marketing channel where you can interact with people and show who you really are.

But SEO still reigns supreme.  Why?

Because roughly 46% of people who are searching for something on the internet are looking to buy a product or service.  Your goal is to position your blog right where the people who are looking for it can find it.

SEO can go deep, and get way more complicated than you need to know.  For now we will just talk about keyword phrases.  For more tutorials on SEO go HERE.


 Keyword Phrases Freaking Matter: Using Keyword Phrases To Attract The Right Audience

If you were to search Google for what you are selling, what would you type in the search box?  How would the people you are trying to reach find the product or service you are selling?

Here’s a good exercise to help you find relevant keywords:

Let’s work backwards.  You know, most often the best keywords are not the most obvious ones. For example if you are selling fitness videos you may think people are only searching for that with terms like “fitness videos” or “get in shape”.  and you would be right, but those keyword phrases are very competitive and if you are an infant blogger you can forget about ranking in Google for those terms.

Instead, I want you to think about the benefits of your product or service.  What question does it answer?  In this case the question may be, “how to feel good about yourself” or “how to increase self confidence”  and the answer is your fitness video.  You can feel good about yourself and increase self confidence if you do these workouts.  Get it? 

So ask yourself, what is the benefit of my product or service?  What problem am I solving?  And use those answers to develop your keyword phrases. 

This is how you will attract those visitors that matter.  That will buy something.  Because you are positioning yourself to be there to answer their question.  

Keywords Are A Great Start, But They Are Only The Beginning

Make sure you brush up on all the posts I have about SEO and keywords.  Learn as much as you can so that you can work to position your blog in that sweet spot.  


Need Help Using Keywords In Your Blog Posts?

Starting out it can be confusing.  Keywords, SEO, social media, it can be overwhelming.  but SEO can be easy.  Wordpress SEO by Yoast Plugin is a great plugin to help you with SEO, but it doesn’t help you get the whole picture.  I use Scribe by Copyblogger.  Scribe is a plugin that not only helps you with finding great keywords, but also where and how much to put them in your blog post, how to master internal linking, and other great on page SEO must do’s.

It’s like SEO for dummies.  Except you would be really smart if you got this. Find out more here.

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