How To Make Your Website More Visible Through Content Development

If you have ever wanted to make a dime with your online business then you have to learn how to make your website more visible on the web.  Doesn’t everyone want that?  Yes! They do… but not everyone knows how to achieve that.

Your best bet for selling ANYTHING online whether it be a service or a product is to rank in search engine results. Why?

Because 46% of people using search are looking to buy a product or service.  Essentially you are reaching your potential customers at the closest point to their purchasing decision.  That’s the sweet spot of sales.  You want to be right where they are when they are looking to buy!

Build your content strategy around what you are selling

With that being said, what are you selling?  If you are going to reach those customers closest to the purchasing process (search) then you need to know very specifically what you are selling.  Does your website or blog have a content strategy?  Well it should.

Building your content development strategy around what you are selling is a great way to position your content right where you want it in search.  Let me explain further:

If you are selling website design then you should develop your content surrounding the specific problems you solve with your business.  Website design is so general.  It’s the niche topics, the specific problems you address that you need to focus on.

Instead of writing a general post about web design, you could write about how to integrate the latest SEO tactics into your web design.  Get the difference.  I could go on all day about content development strategies and honing in on your audience by answering specific questions, but for the purposes of this post- I must continue.

Choose keywords that are relevant to your content and what you are selling

The best way I have found to do this is to simply ask yourself,

“What are the benefits of my product or service?’

What problems are you solving?  If you can’t answer that specifically enough then Google that question.  Search for the term,

“What are the benefits of website design?’ or “What are the benefits of hiring a website designer?”

The answers will be exactly what people will be searching for to solve their problems, and those are what you should build your keyword phrases on.

Blog more often

There is no substitute for fresh compelling content.  Search engines eat it up.  Keep your blog fresh.  It will make your website more visible and boost your blog traffic. End of story, this cannot be substituted. You must blog, and blog often to be effective.

Link up with other’s in your niche

Links to and from other credible sites in your niche will help to build credibility with the search engines thus helping you become a trusted and reliable site for them to present to their customers-the searchers(buyers).  Guest posting, commenting, writing compelling content, and simply asking for other’s to connect with you are all ways to link up with others.

Check into joining some LinkedIn or Facebook groups in your niche and start building relationships.

Hire an SEO consultant

Want to really know how to make your website more visible?  Hire a professional.  I would recommend hiring an seo consultant who can consult with you and teach you about best SEO practices.  When you understand SEO you will be able to do it yourself and I believe will gain more value because the knowledge will be priceless.

If you need help with SEO or you need to make your website more visible in search (which you need to know) then please contact me at  I love working with people to do this very thing!

Need help with your content?  I’ve got a free content development worksheet for you.  Absolutely free.  All you have to do is leave your name and email below… and Boom!  It’s yours. Get it now. Let’s get this done. 



    • ajorda2 says

      Thank you Katrina! Another great way to find out what your readers are looking for is to track what they search from inside your site and see if they are finding what they are expecting to find. This will help you hone in on your content development!

  1. says

    These are such great suggestions, Angie.Consistent content development really has been effective for me. Another tip you suggested that has helped is connecting and blogging with others in the same niche. Good solid tips. Thanks!

    • ajorda2 says

      Thanks Lisa! Content development is key to making your website more visible. I like to connect with other’s in my niche too! It really helps you to grow personally and in business!

    • ajorda2 says

      I know that feeling Lisa! I have scrambled to go back through content that wasn’t properly optimized and it was a daunting task. Good luck and keep these tips in mind as you move forward with future content development strategies!

  2. says

    Angie, thanks so much for all of this great info on building a website and making it more visible through content development. Keeping your blog fresh and being consistent are great points!

    • ajorda2 says

      You are welcome Sherie! Thank you for stopping by! It is truly my passion to help others make their website more visible and content development is a crucial factor to that!

    • ajorda2 says

      Thanks Norma! And no doubt we definitely have to chat about this one day :-) We both seem passionate about helping others make their website more visible and we both agree content development is KEY! Can’t wait to catch up!

  3. says

    So glad you are getting the word out about blogging and SEO. Blog, blog, and blog some MORE! We are definitely on the same page! Your tips are fantastic and yes, if people don’t understand SEO, hiring someone who does is the best thing to do. Why wait and slow your biz down? Hire it out and reap the results!

    • ajorda2 says

      Yes Martha! Blog, blog, blog, and then blog even MORE! And hiring someone to guide you is a perfect idea! It’s such a value to your business and will increase your visibility on the web!

  4. says

    Great tips Angie! I’m so happy to see someone else talking about blogging and content development. People tend to underestimate the power of good content on a blog because they’re so bombarded by the quickie content on other social media sites, I think.

    • ajorda2 says

      Content development is the cornerstone of your website and the key to make your website more visible on the web. More people should pay attention to it! Thanks Helena!

  5. says

    great resource! I am bookmarking this one and have already shared! I need SEO done on site too..I have my social media taken care of but…I am awaiting Google’s next move ;)

    • ajorda2 says

      Great point Jamie. Don’t get caught up trying to attract the same visitors that everyone else is. Going for a smaller but more targeted niche in your industry is a great way to make your website more visible in search!

  6. says

    One of the toughest things I had to learn when I first started building my online presence was that networking with others in my niche was essential. I was so used to competing with others in the ‘brick-and-mortar’ world, this was a complete mind-set shift for me. Now some of my very greatest friends and colleagues are those I’ve met online through social media.

    • ajorda2 says

      It is a mindset shift! Networking is huge online and like you, I have met some of the greatest people through social media!

    • ajorda2 says

      It gets hard and I think a lot of people struggle with the content, which is the most important part! Hire someone to write one article for you a week. It’ll keep your content fresh, and save you time.

  7. says

    Angela, reading your blog caused me to rename the blog I am currently working on. You reminded me to think about the problem I am solving.. sometimes I get so caught up in trying to get my message (what’s important to me) out and forget to focus on the problem my message can solve for my readers. Thanks for that reminder. Very helpful article.

  8. says

    Have you ever considered writing an ebook or guest authoring on other blogs?
    I have a blog based upon on the same ideas you
    discuss and would love to have you share some stories/information.
    I know my audience would appreciate your work.
    If you are even remotely interested, feel free to shoot me an e mail.

  9. says

    I think it is important to understand SEO and I don’t know to much about it, but I am learning. I am new to blogging, but if I am still confused about it in a couple of weeks I will send you an email about hiring you to help me out. Thanks for the post.


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