Sell Yourself: How To Market Yourself And Why You Should Start Yesterday

I’m usually busy talking about the principles of blogging, social media, or my latest obsession social influence, but the last few weeks I have had one thing on my mind-selling myself. It’s made me wish I’d embraced this principle long ago and is why I am now talking about how to market yourself and why.

And yes, I mean getting paid to provide a service. Now before I really get into this, I want to make it very clear who I am talking to. You see I’m talking to EVERYONE here, not just business owners, bloggers, or writers- YOU need to get this!

In this economy and this digital age where social influence matters and anyone can literally be anything it is so important to be selling yourself.

What Is “Your Thing”?

You have something to offer. Whether its a service you can provide, education you’ve obtained, or a product you’ve created. What’s your passion? Finding your passion is a good way to focus your efforts on what exactly you are going to sell about yourself. If you are a student, then sell what you’ve learned in school. If you are a professional, then sell your knowledge+skills.

Knowing how to market yourself is about knowing how to highlight who you are and how you can benefit your intended audience. Then… Getting your intended audience to take the action you want them to take. This is true whether you are trying to get a job fresh out of college, looking for a promotion, or looking to build your client base for your own biz.

3 Big Things You Can Do Today To Start Marketing Yourself

Start A Blog

Starting a blog has never been easier. There are blog publishing platforms such as WordPress that make blog publishing virtually impossible to mess up. A blog gives you the opportunity to show your expertise, establish credibility, show potential clients/employers how you can add value, and it also gives you valuable experience in marketing.

Go HERE to get started.

You can also create an page. I’m partial to the blog. You can market the dickens out of yourself through a blog. Go get one!  Some bloggers. Wouldn’t that be great?

Maximize Your Social Media Profiles

Honestly before anyone visits your website or blog, they will probably read your social media profiles. Give them something to read. It’s your first stop in marketing yourself in this digital age. Employers are looking at your social profiles. Your social media profiles are also showing up in search engine results. It’s a great bonus for your social profiles to show up in search when someone Google’s your name.

Sell Something And Make It Clear What That Is

This is important whether you have your own “business” or if you are searching for employment. You must sell your skills, your expertise, your influence, whether it is to a potential client or to a potential employer. What are you selling? Who are you selling it to? Think about it.

The Bottom Line

Get started today. It doesn’t matter what field you are in, or what you are interested in doing creating your own digital space is so important to marketing yourself. No matter what you are doing now, or intend to do in the future, now is the time to grow your online presence through social media and blogging.


Want more tips on growing your online presence and marketing yourself?  Leave me your name and email below and get tips right to your inbox!  Don’t worry, I won’t spam you.  And I won’t bore you either.  And you can jump ship at any time.  Bombs Away! 


  1. says

    Great post Angie! I especially like your recommendation to ‘Sell Something And Make It Clear What That Is’. Ultimately, you want the people who visit your blog to become customers, which means they have to know what you do first. I also couldn’t agree with you more when you say ‘now is the time to grow your online presence through social media and blogging’. Oh so true :)

  2. BarbaraJPeters says

    Thanks for the valuable information on marketing yourself. Knowing exactly what it is you are selling lets you draw people towards you who are truly interested in what it is you offer. Blogging is a great way to do this. Your potential clients see what it is you do and can see your expertise through the content in your blog.

  3. says

    Somewhere along the way, “selling” got a bad rap … but if looked at as sharing something of value in exchange for something else … sounds like a good thing to me! Great article, Angie!

  4. says

    Thank you for pointing out how we are selling ourselves whether we are conscious of that or not. Your point about defining exactly what it is we are trying to sell is one that is sometimes overlooked.

  5. says

    Great insights … so many things to remember, but you laid them out really well!! Enjoyed the post … now where was this BEFORE I started my blog!! LOL!

  6. says

    Going from wanting to serve to needing to sell has been a strange transition for me…until I began to see that it is all a part of the process. Thanks for sharing your insights! Always very helpful :)

  7. says

    Wonderful article, Angela! I really liked when you wrote, “You must sell your skills, your expertise, your influence, whether it is to a potential client or to a potential employer.” So very true, thanks :)


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