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So You Wanna Learn How To Use Social Media…?


home page icon 2Some people think there’s some secret science to social media.


Maybe a secret to getting more followers, tricks to get people to like your photo… Etc… But who cares? Who cares? I’ve talked about social proof, and do believe in its power, but the real power of social media comes from the connections that you make. Not how many likes you can get!

Social media can be used to grow your blog, build your business, and grow your online influence. If you are looking to make money blogging, or not, then learning how to use social media can impact your brand-building in a big way.  

How to use social media and not piss everyone off

Get social

If you get dressed up for a cocktail party where there are 10,000 potential clients and business associates in the same room as you but you sit in the corner and wait for people to talk to you and find you interesting then chances are you won’t get very far.

A few people may take notice, and take the time to ask you what you do, but how man more connections do you think you could make if you actually got out there and asked them what they did. Or how they were doing?

If you are trying to use social media to grow your business and you’re not getting social then you are in for a very, very long uphill climb.

Be authentic

Vulnerability, honesty, authenticity… People can feel. If you are trying to please everyone, then you are not “wowing” anyone. And I want to be wowed. And online if you are “wowing” then no one will pay attention to you.

The reason why authenticity works is because there is not a single other person out there in your biz or life so is just like you. The more authentic and honest you are who you are and what you stand for, the more people will be “wowed”.

And if you are not pissing someone off, then you’re not doing something right.

Be sharing

You can’t expect to have people sharing and buzzing about your content if you don’t share other people’s content. This is especially important as you begin to build a great brand and important relationships.

Be as generous as you want others to be with your content. Be willing to help, comment, give someone props… and in this case, you will always reap exactly what you sow.

Be interesting

Just because your business is about roofing doesn’t mean that all you have to talk about is shingles, roofing techniques, and other boring stuff that even people looking to buy a new roof don’t want to hear.

Don’t forget about the human element. Homeowners are people. They probably watch American Idol, like football, are concerned with their health, etc. Talk about life, not just your biz. Especially if your biz is more on the boring side.

A few quick “not-to-do’s” on social media

  • Don’t ask people you’ve never had any interactions with to do you a favor. How about a hello? Social media is a courtship not a one night stand!
  • Don’t use Twitter, Facebook, etc like a billboard to push your products on people. It’s annoying and it doesn’t work. Focus on relationships, not pushing products.
  • Don’t complain, vent, or talk about yourself ALL the time. You are probably not as interesting as you think to total strangers.
  • Don’t buy followers or fans. It’s just stupid. Quality really does matter.

Got anything to add? What are some things you’ve learned about social media? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! And as always, don’t forget to leave me your digits.. err.. email addy. I love to keep in touch. I’m not a spammer, I keep it classy. But you already knew that 🙂 Cheers! 



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