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The Anatomy Of A Good Blog Post


beach virgin pageWanna know how to write a blog post?  One that will actually attract people to your site?

Of course you do.

So out of the goodness of my heart, I will show you how I construct some of my beautifully written, sassy blog posts. This is top-secret info that you will only get right here on Angie M Jordan, so listen up.  This will change your life! (Or maybe just how you write blog posts)

Either way, read on my friend… read on…


Write it last, sort of.  We’ll get back to this at the end… just like I do in my blog posts, but I always start with a headline in mind.

Keyword Phrase

I know you may be one of those “creative types” and want to express yourself through your writing… So you may skip this step.  Big mistake.

How will anyone discover your genius if they can’t find you? Seems like a no brainer, but Idk, maybe I’m the one missing something.

Point is, keywords are the freaking BOMB.  Read these keyword tips.

Learn how to use choose them, how to use them, and insert them into EVERY.SINGLE.BLOG.POST. you write. Period.

A Beginning, A Middle, And An End

Story-telling is the ultimate way to write a blog post.  Your post should have a beginning (and usually, if you can, is where your keyword phrase should go) telling us what to expect and grabbing our attention, a middle (the meat), and an ending (conclusion/call to action).

You are now reading the middle of this blog post.  Did I really need to tell you that?

 A Personality, Preferably Yours

To be honest, I am growing a little tired of preaching personality in blog posts.  But dammit, the more I look around, the more boring shit I see.  I am seriously allergic to reading boring writing.

I know that you want to sound “professional” and all, but you are boring people to death. Lighten up, let the YOU shine through.  After all, a proffesional by definition, is just someone who makes money at what they do.  And in that case, this is some professional ass shit. 😉

Sorry, my professional ass couldn’t resist.  And just so you know, what I write on my blog is the censored version of me… not sure you could quite handle all of me.

Moving on…

Titles And Subtitles

Use titles and subtitles. Any questions?

Oh, and as often as you can, without being too boring, use your keyword phrase in your titles.

#thatisall -> Don’t you just hate when people use hashtags when they have no relevance whatsoever?  Like on Facebook?  Grr…

I digress.

White Space

You are not writing a novel.  And get over your need to string together beautifully orchestrated sentences and long narrative paragraphs.  White space on a computer screen is essential.  It’s hard to follow long, jumbled text on a computer screen. Break it up.

Rule of thumb: keep your paragraphs to a 5 line maximum.

A Clear Call To Action

So I just taught you how to write a good blog post, now I need you to do something for me.  My call to action will be, as you’re going to see, is to get you all signed up to recieve tips via email from yours truly.


Because I want to give you even MORE value.  I want to add you to my community, and have more personal contact (sounds funny saying that) with you.

Your CTA doesn’t have to be the same.  It can be something as simple as asking people to share your post, or asking for a response in the comments.

Rule of thumb: keep it simple.  Don’t ask multiple things.  Focus on one easy, clear action you want them to take.  People can’t deal with options.

Back To The Headline

Now your are ready to narrow down and perfect your headline.  I use these two tricks for creating headlines.

Put these elements together and presto! Great blog post.  I know you got it in ya!

Want more tips like this?  Go ahead and leave me your name and email below and I’ll send them directly to you! (Yes, that means you’ll be special).

It’s easy, quick, and I swear I won’t spam or bug the shit out of you! And besides, if you hate what I have to say, you can jump ship at anytime (although you’d be CRAZY)


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