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How To Write A Good Blog Post… Without Pulling Your Hair Out

angie m jordanSo you are not a natural born writer. (What does that mean anyway?)

I guess I wouldn’t know, because I’ve been told that I happen to be one of those “natural-born writers”.  Thanks Mom. Or Dad.

Excuse #123,456 Why You Can’t Start A Blog: I Am Not A Writer. 

Sigh. I’m about to blow that excuse to shreds, so be prepared.  If you use this one, after this post, you will no longer have it to use.  Hope you have a backup. I am going to show you how to write a good blog post. And it’s going to be easy.  Ridiculously easy.

You see a lot of people are under the impression that a blog post is some formal piece of journalism that should be researched, slaved over, and revised a million times.  It’s not. Truth is, it’s YOUR blog, so you can do whatever the hell YOU want. Period. So get over the whole “it’s not good enough” mindset.  The only way you’ll ever get better is by writing more and relaxing!

Five Easy Tips On How To Write  A Good Blog Post:

1. Keep It Simple

Write what you know.  It’s easy to forget that what you know, everyone else does NOT know.  I forget how genius I am ALL the time.  It happens. Keep it simple when writing a blog post, write what you know, what you are passionate about sharing, and what is relevant to your readers.

2. Write Your Headlines First And Last

Yes I just said that. Creating headlines (aka blog post titles), is the first thing and the last thing you should do.  I keep an idea bucket, which is just a term I use for a notepad where I jot down things I am interested in writing about, questions I receive via email and social media that I can turn into blog posts, and keyword phrases I run across that I think I can generate lots of traffic from.

I highly suggest that you do this, because anyone who has ever written anything in their life can tell you that the urge to write and creative ideas DO NOT come all the time.  When they do, you have to take advantage of them.  Write everything down.

From your ideas work on creating a headline for your blog post.  I wrote more about how to do it HERE. Once you generate a headline, write your post, and then revisit your headline and tweak it to perfection.

3. Number It For Christ’s Sake! 

Once you have your idea, break it down into easy to explain points and then number them.  Much like I did in this post.  It will do wonders for helping you to keep your thoughts organized, it’s also easier for your readers to follow your ideas and skim through your article.

4. Create An Outline

Here’s an example:






Conclusion/Call to Action

Simple right?  Now all you have to do is fill in the blanks.  It should be easy enough.

5. Talk Directly To Your Audience

Don’t pretend like you are someone you are not.  Don’t use language that you wouldn’t normally use in everyday conversation. I want to read your writing and feel like you are talking DIRECTLY to me.  I don’t want to feel like I am reading a research paper.

Be honest, be open, be yourself.  Not only will it make your writing more interesting, it will allow readers to connect with you and your writing.

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