The SINGLE Most Important Key To A Successful Blog

Blogging has become an addiction to me.  But it is because of my addiction to blogging and all that comes along with it, that I can share with you the key to a successful blog.

There is something about the rush of getting traffic to your blog, or more fans on Facebook, or followers on Twitter.

I remember fondly the day I reached my first thousand followers on Twitter. Me and some girls I network with danced around in our respective homes singing, “comma club, comma club…” It was exhilarating (and completely dorky).

Not only is blogging for business great for business, but blogging in itself can be very gratifying when you see your audience grow and get people to respond to what you are saying. But what about when its not growing or people aren’t responding?

Just as exhilarating it can be to see your following grow, it can be equally discouraging when your blog is not producing what you want it to produce. It can be down right debilitating.

In this week’s episode of Rock Your Blog TV I share with you the single most important key to a successful blog and 3 ways to implement this key factor.



Now here’s your challenge:

Start with one of the three areas I talk about in the video and come up with a specific, measurable goal and strategy or schedule(I don’t work well with schedules so I say strategy) to apply to this area.

For instance, you want to increase your traffic by 30% next month. How will you get there? What things will you do consistently that will get you to that goal?

Remember to SHARE your answer below (sharing your goals=maximum impact) and any links you want us to check out or connect with you at. And as always if you liked this video share it with a friend!


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