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8 Keyword Tips That Will Jumpstart Your SEO

SEO is still very much alive.  Although there are many elements to an effective SEO strategy  choosing keywords that will attract the right audience is and will always be very important.  The problem that I find is that many people are not clear what keywords are, and have no idea how to use them effectively.  I’ve compiled some keyword tips as a quick guide to using keywords in the right way. These are super simple to understand, and super easy to implement in your blog.

 Use A Keyword Phrase

I know you hear people talk about keywords, but maybe you don’t quite understand.  Let me clarify that you should never use one word.  If you think about the way that you search for things on the internet, you will realize that you rarely type in one word when you are looking for something.  It is most likely a phrase.

You have to remember that although SEO is a way for the search engines to better index your site and send you relevant visitors, those visitors are very much human and think much like you do.  Think about the way you search and what you would type in to search.

 I Love Google Keyword Tool

Why? Because it is a quick and easy way to determine how often a term is searched in Google. The key to choosing the best keywords is finding those niche and tail end keywords that are searched a good bit, but not a lot of people are bidding on.  This means that although it is searched less times per month than more popular keywords, the competition is low and there is a greater chance that you will rank on the first page for that keyword than if you choose a keyword that bigger, more powerful sites are using as well.

Start small, grab those keywords, then you can gradually move on to more competitive keywords.

 For The Love Of Everything Pink, Clean Up Your URL

Check out the url of this page.  One of my pet peeves is messy urls.  Let me make this really simple for you.  Put your keywords in the url, and clean it up, meaning no date, category tag, etc. Short, simple, and with your keyword phrase.  Search engines love those kinds of URLs.

 Get A Kick Ass Plugin For SEO Or Just Buy Scribe By Copyblogger

Being a newbie to SEO and keywords is hard and there can be a lot to learn.  Get some help.  Use a plugin like WordPress SEO by Yoast (amazing), or buy Scribe by Copyblogger.  Both of these options will walk you through keywords and placement.  Scribe actually suggests keywords to you and helps you with your placement and internal linking.  Although I don’t use Scribe much anymore, because I have such an in depth understanding of keywords and SEO, I HIGHLY recommend it and found it priceless to me in the early stages of my blogging.

  Don’t Abuse Your Keywords!

It’s tempting to think that littering your blog post with your keyword phrase as many times as humanly possible is beneficial but that’s not the truth.  Keep in mind that someone has to read what you have written and be engaged.  Content that is shared is the most powerful.

Search engines also look out for abuse of this kind and won’t index sites that seem to be doctored to gain higher rankings.  They want to deliver quality.  Use your keywords to tell search engines what your site and blog post is about, but don’t try to abuse or overwhelm them.

Use Keywords In Your Headers And Pictures

Use your keyword in your headers, pictures you upload to your post, your article title, and URL.  And place your keyword in the body of your text once or twice.  Do this with every article, or blog post, or page you publish.

Bullets And Numbers Mean Nothing

Seriously, bullets kill your SEO.  Search engines don’t read them.  Yes, in some cases they make things easier to navigate, but they are not necessary.

Use Keyword Tips To Learn And Fine Tune Your Skills

Learn as much as you can, apply what you learn, and fine tune your SEO ninja skills.  Go back and search your own terms and see where you are ranking.  Maybe some keywords you don’t get, maybe some you do.  The more aware you are, the better you get at choosing the best keywords. You will begin to see traffic coming to your site that is laser targeted.


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