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Launch, Learn, And Shut The Hell Up

launching new productsSorry to be so harsh, but sometimes I just say what’s on my mind. (And by sometimes I mean ALL of the time)

When it comes to making money from your blog and turning your passion into something that is actually making money for you, you have got to learn to launch, learn, and shut the hell up. Launching new products and services is essential to the success of your blog.

What’s holding you back?


Remember the kid at the pool who isn’t afraid to dive right in? No need to test the waters, think about it, or get in slowly. That kid knows one thing for sure: that he is definitely getting in that water at some point regardless of the conditions. Test the waters or not, he’s getting in. So without wasting anymore time, he dives right in.

Then there is me(as a young girl), dipping my toes in first, thinking about it, then testing the waters against my calf and slowly submerging my legs… pause… meanwhile that crazy kid is already around me making waves. I’m still thinking about it, making sure to just splash a little water on my arms, my back, waiting until I feel completely comfortable before I go all the way under…

The other kid has already learned what I am about to figure out- that the water is great! And essentially we will both have fun in the pool, and enjoy the same water, only it took me longer to realize it.

Launching new products for your blog can be the same way. Some of you are still sitting on the ladder with your toes in the water, testing it out, waiting for the right time- the perfect conditions. Meanwhile there are others around you who are making waves (and money) who are not smarter than you, who don’t have better products and services, but who were willing to dive right in.

They launched. Because they know that eventually, if they really want to see success, they will have to. And so will you.


In the case of launching new products you can learn two things: what to do, and what not to do. You learn what worked, and what didn’t work so well. Once you launch you can then begin to fine tune your launching skills, your product, and your marketing.

But you can’t do this until you actually launch.

You also can’t do this if you don’t track your progress, results, and take the time to set measurable goals and milestones.

Be deliberate.

Not only can you learn from your own launch, take the time to pay attention to what others are doing. Read books, take a class, and never stop improving. Ever. 

Shut The Hell Up.

Silence your inner critic (and some outer ones too). You will talk yourself out of launching new products. You will tell yourself you are not smart enough, you will wonder what qualifies you to teach someone else something. You will be scared to fail.

Truth is, you may not be the smartest, and you might “fail”.

But failing is relative. You are only technically failing if you quit trying. And if you never start then…

If you allow your inner critic to talk you out of launching new products you will never know, never learn, and never make any waves.

Shut up. Just shut up.

Launch. Learn. And Shut The Hell Up.


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