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The Quiet Art Of Lead Conversion AKA How To Get More Sales

lead conversion, get more salesThe term lead conversion is just a fancy way of saying “get more sales” and in the end, that’s what every website owner wants. (If you hold tight, I’m going to tell you exactly how you can increase your conversion rates and get more sales).

I mean, you haven’t worked your ass off all this time just to have traffic that doesn’t convert did you? (Please God say no).

And please don’t tell me you’re in it for the followers… (crickets chirp)

No, I know that I am talking to sane, rational REAL business owners and the bottom line is if you aren’t converting customers or trying to get more sales, then you might not be in this thing very long.

Enough of that. Let’s talk lead conversion.

Remember when you first started out? The late nights watching your analytics… how excited you got when you realized that people (other than your mom) were actually coming to your blog. (Raises hand-guilty). The feeling of accomplishment, excitement, and amazement.

And then it happens, that new-car excitement dies down and you realize it’s just another car and it kind of served the same exact purpose as the last car… It’s just a vehicle to get you where you want to go.

The more mature you grow in business online (yes, it’s a growth process) you start to shift your focus from traffic to conversions. It’s no longer exciting to see traffic, it’s not about how many people you can get to read your blog or like your Facebook page.

It’s about how many people actually trust you enough to buy something from you. 

And that, my fellow internet-sellers, is some hard shit. Plain and simple. (So don’t feel bad if you suck at lead conversion, you are NOT alone).

If you are having trouble converting your traffic here are a few tips for you 


1. Make it clear what you are selling

Please, for the love of everything pink and glittery don’t hide what you want to sell. If you are selling your services, make sure we can see them. If you have a product, I should know right away what it is when I come to your site.  Ask a friend, relative, stranger on the street if they can tell in less than 30 seconds of being on your site what you sell.

Hopefully they will be able to tell that you are selling something at all.

(note: your business model may be focused on collecting subscribers and selling to your email list. Great, make sure that is the forefront on your site. Same principle, different conversion that you would be measuring)

2. Hire a copywriter

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Sometimes we just don’t have it in us and need help. If your business is important you will learn to outsource things. (aka leave it to the experts). Copywriting is HUGE for conversions. If you are getting traffic but aren’t seeing conversions it may be your copy that is killing it for you.

(And here’s where I’m going to tell you to HIRE ME to do your copywriting, because I actually own this space and blog and can do whatever I want, and because I know I can help you. And because I like money)

3. Focus on targeted traffic

Another reason why some sites don’t convert well is because they are getting the wrong traffic. You may want to revisit your keywords, tweak your social media campaigns, and once again, hire a copywriter. You might be attracting the wrong audience with your copy, and you may need to get more specific with your keywords.

4. Have a sales funnel in place

Most people won’t buy from you right away. Unless you are selling cheap panties. And in that case who really cares because they just spent that on a beer the night before. You need to have a sales funnel in place (aka email) where you can capture those leads who you will later convert.

That may be your only chance. They may never come back to visit your site.

5. Be noticed in search

People who use search engines are looking to buy a product or service. (For the most part). So traffic brought to you buy search engines converts better than social media traffic. It’s important to get yourself out there right where your customers can find you. Meaning optimize your site for search engines because that’s how you get more sales.


Be consistent, don’t give up, keep growing and learning. Growing an online business is tough but it’s rewarding. We are in this thing together mate.

If you don’t mind, share this with your friends. I’d hate for them to be left out, share the love. 

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