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5 Ways To Make Your Content Memorable

make your content memorableIf you want a successful blog you need to make your content memorable.

Quality content gets remembered. You know what doesn’t get remembered? Backup singers. And people who wore skorts.

And you know what? Quality doesn’t always mean factual or spewing out boring facts. (Not that I want you to tell lies, or talk about that which you have no clue).

There’s a certain “it” factor to content that gets remembered (and shared).

No worries, I am not going to make you guess at this one, I’ll be your wingwoman. Your blogging wingwoman. (I like the sound of that).


5 Ways To Make Your Content Memorable

1. Write a good headline

Creating good headlines is not only great for getting people to read your blog posts, it’s also what helps them to remember it. The shorter, the sweeter, the clever(er) – the more likely people will remember it. I like my long headlines at times, but I can’t even remember them after a few days. How could I expect someone else to?

2. Make it easy to read

Bullets, numbers, space, small paragraphs – all your best friends if you want to make your content memorable. Or rather if you want someone to bother to read it. The quickest way to turn me off from reading something you write is to have long paragraphs. CAN.NOT.DEAL.

Let’s face it, reading on a computer screen or phone or tablet is not as easy as picking up a book. And trust me, if you are using your blog posts to practice writing for your next great novel, you are LOSING. (Readers. You are losing readers!)

3. Make em’ FEEL

People will remember something if it evoked some sort of feeling from them. Sometimes I read things and am instantly inspired, or something makes me laugh, or something lights a fire under my ass to work that much harder…

Whatever it is, you have to make your audience feel something. (Except bored).

An easy way to do this is to write like you are talking to your friend. Use words you would use in REAL life (like shit, ass, and etc.) and be a REAL person.

Note: making them feel does not mean adding humor. Only attempt to add humor if you are actually funny. Otherwise, save us the pain of reading you embarrassing yourself…

4. Be unexpected

Say something off the wall every once in a while just to see if your audience is paying attention. Or write about something you don’t normally. Using comparisions is a cute way to do this. Compare your business to painting nails or playing baseball, or whatever. But by all means, mix it up and do something DIFFERENT.

5. Inspire action

The blog content I always remember the most is when I immediately open a new tab in my browser to start to work on whatever it is a read about. They get me to act. (And that’s not easy to do). Make sure to give them something to do – sign up for email, leave a comment, like you on Facebook- SOMETHING!

Hopefully I’ve inspired you to ACT and work on creating content that is more memorable and people like to share and come back to time and time again.

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  • Reginald

    Hi Angie,

    Thanks for writing this girl!

    I think the best way is to write from the heart and reach out to your readers. A good write usually and constantly making the readers think. Having the right CTA could easily means the readers to stay longer at your site…plus enjoying the write up.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Keep it up too 😉

  • Jimmy

    I write my blog like a journal. I have a oat coming up soon that is straight from the heart.
    I don’t know it’s going to be good reading or not but sometimes I like to pour my heart out as if my blog were my journal.

    I think it’s difficult for a lot of guys to do this but I KNOW it makes me feel great. So even if I never earn a penny blogging I feel as though the blog will be there to help and guide my life.

    …………oh!! Great tips by the way. 🙂

    • Angie M Jordan

      Pouring your heart out is always a good way to make people feel Jimmy. Trust me, the right people will be able to relate and appreciate your openness and honesty!

  • Nicki Chen

    Most difficult and most important is you #3 “Make ’em Feel.” Since I’m just starting out, #5 “Inspire Action,” is challenging. It’s a good list. Thank you.

    • Angie M Jordan

      Thank you Nicki, yes I agree making your audience feel can be tough, but you’ll find that the more you narrow down your targeted audience, the easier it will be to write specifically for them. Because not all writing is going to appeal to everyone. Inspiring action will simply come from your ability to make them feel.

      You’ll get the hang of it, the most important thing to do when you are first starting out is to write like a lunatic, and talk to everyone!

  • Ari Herzog

    Related to the content readability, ensure your fonts are BIG. I’m finding that I need to manually zoom-in most blog posts because the fonts are 10- or 12-point. That’s tiny on a computer screen, tiny even on a tablet. Ideally the body font should be 14- or 16-point.

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