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May Cause Miracles: How Being REAL Can Grow Your Blog Audience

May Cause Miracles… I just love saying that.  I wish that it would have been an orignal thought of mine, but it is not.  If you haven’t heard of Gabrielle Bernstein or her book May Cause Miracles, then allow me to intorduce you.  Then I’ll tell you how being real will help you grow your blog audience.

Gabby is a spiritual leader, a forward thinking, awesome woman.  She just released her 3rd book: May Cause Miracles.  And naturally, I downloaded it.  I zoomed through the introduction and I knew that this book would be best digested with wine and girlfriends.

So I created a Facebook group and invited some friends (you are invited too! Go HERE  sorry guys, ladies only!) I thought it would be a great way to share myself, my love, and grow together with some women who are looking to WIN in 2013.  Maybe we can cause miracles togeher? Who knows?

How Being Real Can Grow Your Blog Audience

I shared this little tidbit because I wanted to illustrate how being real can grow your blog audience.  Marketing is no longer about pushing and telling.  Marketing, especially social media, is about sharing stories.  It’s about building trust, relationships, and connecting with people.

Who is reading your blog?

Just because you are writing a blog about social media, marketing, or whatever, doesn’t mean that there is nothing else that you can talk about or that your audience wants to hear.

Mostly women read my blog, and mostly business owners.  But these people also have families, they feel things, they want to grow spiritually, and mentally, as well as in business.

Being REAL means letting people see other sides of you.  That’s what makes the connection.  When I say “I am a single mother”, another single mother may read that and instantly feel a connection to me.  Because that woman knows that I can relate to her and she can relate to me.  These are the people who will be your loyal readers.  Those who feel connected.

Don’t believe me?  Do this test.  Go to your Facebook page and post a graphic with a quote about something relevant to your business. I do this all the time, like a quote about blogging or marketing.  Then, post a picture of a cute sleeping dog, or your pet cat playing, etc.  See what gets the most likes.

I can tell you right now, puppy pics will win every time.  Why? Because your audience likes puppies too! One of my most liked posts ever on my Facebook page was a picture of my niece’s name in front of her school announcing that she was student of the year.

If you are looking to grow your blog audience, then start being real. It is the fastest way to your readers hearts.




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