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Monday Morning Coffee: Is This Supposed To Hurt?

I’ve been told that not everything in life can ALWAYS be fun.

My response: Why the fuck not?

Why should I be miserable, stuck in a job I hate, taking things “seriously”, and waiting for the weekends to be able to kick back, relax, and enjoy my family.


We are surrounded by jerks everyday that tell us that “nothing worth while is easy”, “dreams don’t work unless you do”, “no pain no gain”… the list goes on.

I want to drop kick these people in the face. HARD.

The truth is, I am not a serious person, nothing is a big deal, and I hate conformity. Nothing slows my roll faster than having to conform. With all these people running around preaching about how we must martyr ourselves (and our families) in order to be successful and just as many people actually doing it,

the question remains:

Is This Supposed To Hurt?

The answer:

Not really.

Sure, there are growing pains associated with building any business. Sometimes you will fall flat on your face, other times you will feel like you were punched in the kidneys.

And it will hurt. Technically.

But that doesn’t mean you have to martyr yourself, or conform. Because becoming a slave to your business is conforming. And not only does it hurt, it’s a hard life.

You don’t have to work until 3am every night to be successful. You don’t have to give up EVERYTHING you love for a glimpse of success.

It doesn’t have to hurt so bad.

You have to do what you love, and love what you do, and who loves being a slave? Or not having any free time? Or staying up until 3am every fucking night? – assholes.

The idea here is to create something that is different, fulfilling, and profitable. Oh yeah, and how can I forget FUN. (because why the hell not). And how do you create something like that?

(warning: really sappy, cliché, and cheesy saying coming up)


Yeah, I said it. Stop watching, copying, and wanting to be people you aren’t. Stop wanting to have a business like them. Stop doing what they are doing.

Because when you do that, you are settling. You won’t create something amazing. You won’t have as much FUN. You won’t be as GREAT. And I want you to be great, and then invite me over for drinks.

And in the words of Drake:

“I’m tryna do better than good enough” (yeah tryna).


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