Monday morning coffee

Monday Morning Coffee: The Haves And The Have Nots

I live in one of the richest zip codes in America.

78% of the population here has a household income of more than 150k per year while only 9% of the total US population makes this much.

This folks, is the land of the “Haves”.

Million dollar homes are the norm, and the price of admission (meaning even owning a home in the zip code) is over half a million dollars. Living in the land of the “haves” now, as opposed to the “have-nots” I wonder a lot about what these people do differently.

So what makes these people different? Why are they  in the top 10% in the nation? More importantly, why are you not?

There is no “super gene” that these people have. We are all capable, all have the same opportunity. So why is it that some people are so successful while others seem to just struggle?

The “haves” ask for what they want

Many people don’t have because they don’t ask. The “haves” have a preference, so they ask for it. And once you start practicing the simple act of asking, you’ll get a lot more too.

The “haves” dream big

If you don’t ever think you can do it or have it- YOU WON’T. The “haves” dream big. They don’t limit themselves by what others think is possible.

The “haves” pay attention to detail

How you do one thing is how you do EVERYTHING. It matters how you treat your old beat up car, because that is how you will treat your Mercedes. It matters how you spend your money, the food you eat, tv shows you watch.

The “haves” pay attention. The “have-nots” think that money will change their behavior, that “once they get rich…” they will behave differently, care more. The “haves” pay attention now to what they have and what they do.

The “haves” grow

The “haves” are on a constant mission of improvement. They get more educated, learn new skills, eat better, exercise more. They are always striving for more. They know that in order to grow and to have more, they have got to change, learn, and grow.

 The “haves” do

The “haves” get shit done. They don’t talk about it, plan for it, or wait for it. They DO IT. There are no excuses in the land of the “haves” only results.


What land are you living in? 


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