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Monday Morning Coffee: Screw Normal

The thing about me is…

I NEVER wanted to be married.

I NEVER wanted to have kids.

I NEVER wanted a “stable job”.

I NEVER cared about saving for retirement, or for that house in the suburbs with the white picket fence…

That’s NORMAL stuff. (And the stuff your parents want for you).




I want to go for the guy no one would expect, and win him over. (No marriage required).

I have a daughter, the love of my life, and with everything in me I want her to be as un-normal as humanly possible.

I hate jobs, but crave BIG, crazy, what the fuck was I thinking ideas. And the roller coaster that comes with chasing a dream with every fiber in your being.

I don’t shoot for retirement, I shoot for life right now, at this moment.

Instead of houses in the suburbs I dream of offices in the city and employees that make a difference.


SCREW normal.

I want EXTRAordinary.


Because you know what extraordinary people do? 


They paint the Sistine Chapel.

They go from nothing to a billionaire with their own media company and television station, and then they use that to IMPACT lives.

They drive their car to a hill overlooking Hollywood and write themselves a check for $10 million for “acting services rendered” and keep in their wallet when they don’t even have enough money to keep their lights on. Extraordinary people do that.  (Jim Carrey got that $10 million and beyond.)

Yeah, Screw Normal.


But extraordinary does not come easy. It doesn’t come without a price. 

The price is fear.







Extraordinary is not comfortable, or easy.

Normal is easy. Normal is natural. Normal is the path of least resistance.


Screw Normal. 



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  • Ron Killian

    Love, love, love the post Angie!

    So true. Pull no punches 🙂

    So many people play it safe, take that job, do the daily grind. Probably because it’s, as you said, what’s expected of us.

    When I started my online business, my wife was not exactly enthusiastic, not at all. But I said I was going to do it and I did. Hasn’t always been champagne dreams, but I am doing what I want, not what I’ve been told to do.

    Course I have not had the guts to be completely EXTRAordinary yet, but I am working on it.

    • Angie M Jordan

      Thanks Jessica! Yes, it is a myth! I’d rather build something amazing that I love, than settle for something that could be gone tomorrow anyway!

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