Understanding SEO For Your Blog

Recently Klout added SEO to the list of things I’m influential about. That has absolutely nothing to do with this but I just wanted to share, because I so love SEO. I have over the years studied SEO and have grown from having a basic knowledge of  SEO to understanding SEO best practices to building my business around it.  About 70% of my business is SEO related.  Everyone wants to make their website more visible, and to do that you need basic knowledge about starting a blog and search engine optimization. Understanding SEO for your blog will be an important part of both your content strategy and social media growth.

The number one reason why you should blog for your business is SEO value. This will connect you to your customer closer to the purchasing decision. And that means more potential sales for you. 46% of people who open up their computers and search for something on Google are looking to purchase a product or service.  When you position yourself to be there when your potential customers are looking for your product or service , your conversions will increase and meaningful traffic will bring you more leads.


What exactly is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process in which you optimize something for the best results in search engines. There are many elements to SEO and many things that can be optimized. For instance you can optimize your blog post, website, you can even optimize your social media profiles-all to be easier for the search engines to find you and connect you with who is looking for you.

Search engines, though complex and evolving rapidly, don’t read things the way you and I do. Being able to speak the language of the search engines is an important part of SEO. If your blog post is about how to tie a bow tie for instance, you would want your post to show up in Google under some terms related to tying bow ties. If you don’t know how to convey what your content is about to the search engines then you may get traffic, but not targeted, ready to purchase traffic.

Blogging regularly increases your websites SEO value One of the greatest benefits from blogging when it comes to SEO is the fact that the more you update your content on your website, the more often search engines will crawl your site. The more search engines crawl your website, the more it can connect you to the people who are searching for exactly what you are writing about. This is one of the reasons the blog has become so essential to businesses.

Keyword phrase usage

An important part of SEO is choosing the right keywords. With a blog you have the opportunity to use more keywords, in more places which will bring more targeted traffic to your website. Traffic means something and nothing Traffic alone means absolutely nothing to your business blog. Don’t be fooled when you open your Google analytics to find your traffic is skyrocketing to think that you are finally getting it. You can have a whole lot of traffic, and a whole lot of nothing.

If you are not getting the right traffic, meaning the people who are looking for your product or service, then you may as well throw your analytics out of the window. Who cares? Who cares if you get 1,000 hits on one blog post? Are people buying what you are selling? I have to admit, the initial rush of accomplishment when seeing those numbers rise is very gratifying. But the real numbers you want to see are the numbers of people who you are converting. Real leads generated by the right keywords and relevant content.


Using Google Keyword Tool

Now that you have some idea of what you think people are looking for to find you, it’s time to do a little more digging.  SEO for your blog is a very important part so just “assuming” anything is not a good idea.  So to test it, enter Google Keyword Tool.

Once you pull it up try typing in your keyword phrase in the box on the top of the page.  At the bottom of the page you will see results of your search.  It will tell you how many estimated people are searching for the term, and then the “competition” or how many other people just like you are using the term. It is a common mistake to see a word that is highly searched and choose it for your keyword right away thinking that will yield you the best results, but the truth is, it is more important to pay attention to the competition.

What you want to do, unless you have a powerhouse blog, is to choose keywords that have high number of searches and a low amount of competition.  This way you will have a greater chance of getting on the first page in search.

Who Are You Trying To Reach?

The more you begin to understand your target market (aka the people who want to buy what you are selling) your keywords will get better and better.  Doing a little research to understand the demographics of your market will help to bring those targeted (buying) customers right to you.    SEO for your blog is complex and has many components but choosing keywords is a great place to start and if you can get that right then you are on your way to attracting traffic that WILL convert!


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