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SEO Is Not Dead

SEO is not dead! I think if I hear one more person utter those words I am going to scream.

The emergence of social media didn’t kill marketing and SEO, it just changed it. SEO and the way we fashion our content and marketing strategies to be found online will never die.

SEO is evolving

Different rules, but same end result. It is no longer good SEO practice to buy back links and links to spammy sites will actually hurt your rankings.

Loading your site with keywords aren’t enough to get you there either. These days SEO for your blog is all about creating content that rocks, building a massive social presence and influence, content marketing, and getting quality links and shares via social media.

SEO the way we once knew is dead. But that doesn’t mean we can’t optimize our sites to get traffic from search engines.

Here’s 3 things you can do to keep up

Plug in to a good SEO blog
Write good content for your audience
Grow your social influence

Learning about the ever-evolving search engine process can be tricky but it is necessary. If you don’t know how to optimize your content so search engines can find you, then you can’t serve the people who you are trying to reach. They can’t find you.

However, don’t comprise great content and your voice for the sake of a search engine ranking. The trick is to marry the two.

Search is becoming social

In 2011 we began to see search engine algorithms factor in social shares to determine page ranking. We also recently witness the birth of Google’s own social network Google+ which is a powerful example of how search is becoming social.

Search engines are charged with the task of bringing us the most relevant results across the web… What better way to know what we like than by actually taking into account what we have shared, +1, liked, and tweeted.

For more on SEO for your blog check out this tutorial below:


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